The Lazy Road to Success: Book Review

The Lazy Way to Success by Fred Grafzon immediately caught my attention. Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed reading books about how to cheat the system – people taunt you and say “yeah, typical Gen Y” when reading a book about how to be lazy, but really, if someone came up with a lazy way to succeed and wrote a book about it – you’re an idiot if you don’t read it. If there is a secret to success, why spend 20 years of my life figuring it out myself when I can read about it in a book?!

Fred was a lost college graduate trying to find his way in life who soon became the founder of a NASDAQ listed company. Good details. What struck me the most was the principle of least action – Fred says that just as water takes the path of least resistance, so do people. So if you feel lazy, it is quite natural. It got me thinking about the four-hour work week and some Tim Ferriss principles. The most effective way to create the most carefree lifestyle possible is to focus only on the things that will give you the best results. If you want to sit in a hammock like Fred, or dance in Argentina like Tim, you should be thinking, “What will get me the fastest with the least effort.”

Today, authors have extraordinary means of promoting books online, pitching bloggers, using social media, and creating buzz online. Here’s how authors like Tim and Fred make great strides using the principle of least action. The very name “Lazy Road to Success” will cause a stir. Instead of doing the work himself, Fred has created something that does the work for him – a catchy title that people will want to write about, pass on to others, and cause viral buzz.

Fred’s blog seems to get good reviews on its own and some have formed a good community. Fred also uses some internet marketing strategy on his squeeze page. Creating a static page with compelling information about why you should buy this book allows you to take advantage of search engines and requires minimal maintenance.

I firmly believe that if you ask yourself the right questions and think about them enough, you will eventually find the answer. My final question is, “How can I be lazy and still strive for the biggest return?”

Under30CEO is all about finding success in unconventional ways and finding a better lifestyle than the traditional 9 to 5 trap. Read and grab a book for a good read. The hardcover edition is perfect for the coffee table as a conversation piece, and anyone can pick it up and flip through the comic illustrations. Fun read overall, Fred. If you’re not sure yet, Fred has a great video on how to do nothing and achieve everything.


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