How to Become a Speaker

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Become awesome keynote speaker it just doesn’t happen. Like everything else in life, learning how to become a speaker takes practice. You’ve all heard that every great thing is worth doing well. Without special abilities, very few people will ever just sit down and play the piano. Even after a lot of practice, many pianists are still lousy and you make you cringe when you hear them play. It’s rare that someone’s first painting will be Picasso – well, maybe Picasso, but you know what I mean.

The Secret Mind of a Great Speaker – Perfect practice makes perfect. Nope.

Have you heard of the phrase “practice makes perfect”? This is a false statement. Practice does NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Once in a piano lesson, I complained, “I played that part 10 times every day and it’s still wrong.” The professor said, “Then you’re playing wrong.” She told me to practice the passage 100 times a day – correctly – and to perfection – then if the problem still remains, we’ll talk.

It doesn’t take any research to show that if you do something wrong (saying) every time, you will end up doing it wrong in the end.

You must cultivate and practice cultivation. Musicians need to play the excerpt 27 times to correct one mistake. Luckily, it doesn’t take that much practice to be an incredible public speaker, but very few speakers lose their temper without engaging in tempo. It requires you to do work. Use more effective habits in your speeches to solve most of your thinking problems.

The Secret to Practicing an Amazing Speaker. Thinking.

In the future, your speeches will be in order. It is in fixing the thinking before speaking that you must work first. Preparation breeds confidence in everything you undertake, and speech is no exception. Prepare enough and you can’t fail.

Practice your speech as perfectly as possible. Pronounce each word slowly, with diction, pronounce each word clearly. Then when you get up to talk and you get nervous, it won’t matter.

On stage, your speech starts to sound faster and faster. If you have applied the “perfect practice” enough times, every word will still be heard. Words and meaning will not only be heard, but clearly understood. There is a clear recipe for a musician to play a piece perfectly. Remember that any undertaking will be perfect – with perfect practice.

Zombies, apocalypse, flying bugs, plague, snakes, alligators? OK, nothing serious. Public speaking – oh no.

Public speaking is intimidating for most people at first. Trust me – you will be fine.

Deliver your speeches as best you can. And then one day, something happens. One day your mindset will change and you will become an amazing public speaker. Here are some ways to conquer your thinking.

The secret of the mind of an outstanding speaker.

The wonderful speaker has a set of tools in his belt. Add these tools to your toolbox and discover the “secret mindset of a great speaker.”

1. You are not perfect. Guess nobody cares.

Audiences come here to hear what you have to say and learn from it. It’s not about you. What distinguishes the mindset of a great speaker? Confidence, sure, but it’s more than that.

Great speakers have usually had to do a lot of soul-searching. They have to let themselves be off the hook for a few things. One of these things is that the speaker has to get past the fact that they are neither-no-where-no-where-no-how-perfect. You can and will do it too. You will suddenly realize that it was never about you – it was only about them (your audience). This shift in consciousness gives you the freedom to become a worthy and useful speaker.

2. You can’t just think about thinking. You must allow thoughts to arise within you and those thoughts will change your thinking. Amazing thinking is a process.

You have to get on the stage and understand that others could do better.

Others didn’t make some of the mistakes you did. You may feel that someone else has a big advantage. And you think – others, others, others. To actually have the right mindset, thoughts of “others” must go. Because it doesn’t matter what others have done.

You are the one giving this speech right now, not others. It is you who should help someone else, not others. It was you who made the mistakes and succeeded. It was you who survived to tell about it – so tell about it. You are the one who is speaking at this moment. No one else – you – no one else.

3. For the right attitude to you to be amazing – you need to decide one more thing. “I’m a hypocrite.”

Hypocrite? Why yes you. You must let go of all these thoughts. Oh no, I’m a hypocrite.

So what (this is not a question – this is a statement). “Oh no, I don’t do all this all the time.” So what. “Oh no – whatever…” SO.

To have the secret mindset and have the secret mindset, you have to let it all go. No one wants to sit and listen to you humiliate yourself – no one cares. These people came and paid their hard-earned money to hear you – to be inspired by you. They came to hear about your experiences and “secrets” from you – and you have them. What are these secrets? What do you know that you want to let go – to enrich the lives of these people who have come here to hear you today?

4.History. Most people can hear almost everything if it is included in the story. Learn to tell great stories. Add big and spicy details.

Candy eye – please – yuk! Let your audience “delight the ear”.

When you speak, your descriptions should be such that in detail your audience sees the sights, touches objects, smells and tastes what you are telling them. Most importantly, help them feel for all the details you can put into your speech. To be an incredible speaker—a terrific speaker and more—your audience must Feel What are you saying.

Adjust your mindset so that your audience can touch you—actually touch you—from heart to heart. Send a feeling from yourself – so that they feel. The fastest way to do this is to tell the truth. Truth to truth will allow someone to feel you and your message—every time.

5. Learn to Love Stories For The Art of Storytelling—and For The Merit of Listening to Stories.

Sometimes a great piece of BS is fine. Think Augmented Reality – a great part “Conversational augmented reality’ cannot be overestimated. Run with him.

I have a brother whom we call “Baron BS”. He can take any problem, any incident, any situation – absolutely right – and make it absolutely irresistible and delightful. The most terrible nightmare of information and terrible situations can turn out to be the most incredible and funny stories.

Take bits and pieces of your life – maybe something so terrible you could die – and turn it into a great story.

Write it down, memorize it, practice it and try it on your friends. Watch what happens to the other person.

If they look at you with distrust, you lack the truth in the story. They may laugh out loud in the right place – save this part of your speech. Shedding a tear at the right time can be the ultimate reward, as long as it doesn’t happen too often. Leave this part for your speech. If they cringe, great. This means that they heard, saw and felt it. Boom – use this piece.

6. Listen to Great Speakers and Go To Conferences.

One of the best places to find great speech material and mindset is to go and listen to salespeople.

Hear great speakers at all sorts of events. Don’t limit yourself to just public speaking. Listen to a political candidate, a business executive, and any and all speakers who speak on any topic. Sales and marketing people are the most energetic people on earth – no, the most energetic people in the universe. Gather some of that energy and use that sharp energy and fury to add power to your speech. Most of the best marketing speakers or social media speakers I know that feed on other speakers. I know I hear pitches and sales stories—write your stuff with that push, feel, and lingering intensity. Read, listen and analyze everything related to sales – for better thinking when talking.

7. Read Lots of Quotes and Memorize Them. When You Hear a Good Story, Write it Down.

Comedians had to find material from bits of life that everyone else goes through.

We have never consciously noticed or observed what they are talking about. Now watch the antics and acting skills of the comedian. Listen and look at the faces of comedians. Look closely to see what they see and copy that style. I’m not saying be a comedian – I’m saying start observing life and the human condition more deeply and your thinking will change.

8. Practice Your Language Skills To Be An Amazing Public Speaker.

That’s why you write things down in the first place. You want to speak from deeply studied material and well-chosen words that are easy to understand.

However, you will need words that convey a deeper meaning when speaking. Include your information in finely tuned explanations and word pictures. Say, “This guy is at work and he just stinks.” Does that mean he stinks at his job? Doesn’t he take a shower? Which?

If I say: “There is a person at work in whom I see great potential.” He loves people, works hard and with his optimistic and joyful nature brings light to the entire working environment. However, he is always late – and to me it stinks. Do we keep it? Not only can you make better decisions with this word “picture”, but you can also speak better when you’re on stage.


Start practicing good grammar and good language.

Observe, observe and listen to other people’s speech patterns. Write great information and sayings and incorporate them into your life. Get ready and make better performances not only on the stage, but also on the stage of life. Only then can you find the secret mindset of a great speaker.

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