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Own business is an interesting class that brings a storm of emotions. In the right organization for a good income . Of course, this business has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people are better off consistently working in what they are hired to do, while others are better off doing their own business and earning a good income. Some people don’t want to have uncertainty, and they don’t want others to depend on anyone so they don’t want others to depend on anyone, so money and time can make it unique.

Everyone is different, and both have rights, so both perspectives should be respected. Someone works eight hours in a normal job and then goes back to the family and has nothing to think about. At the same time, if someone likes his business more and follows the course, then he achieves certain success. Everyone chooses what they like best. The main thing is to be in a comfortable environment. If work does not bring you pleasure, it will lead to stress and mental illness that affect your loved ones and personally. It is necessary to put work positive emotions. After all, in this field it is necessary to work for a long time, and causing losses will only lead to poor results.

plus of their own business

  1. You have full control over the working process and no one is dependent on it.
  2. The presence of your business in the modern world is a very prestigious achievement.
  3. There is no limit to earnings on performance, as your income will grow as a result of success.
  4. You gain the knowledge and experience that will come in handy in a greater number of more lives.
  5. For convenience, you can create those working situations that may like you.
  6. The stress is less when you create a sustainable business with a good income.
  7. You can hire people who understand the question better than you.
  8. Control the time.
  9. Business management develops exactly what you want it to be.
Disadvantages of their business
  1. No one promises that your business will be successful.
  2. If your business fails, you can only sin for being sinful, and you can put pressure on a person from a psychological point of view.
  3. You have to spend a lot of money and time.
  4. If you are having trouble with your business, you will need to work 16 hours a day.
  5. If the work is not done, it will affect the success of the business, so you can’t go home.
  6. Sometimes you have to maintain some uncertainty about the future.
  7. If the business is unstable, it will entail financing problems.
  8. You will have to aim to change what the business expects to be the greatest success.
  9. By creating a business, the responsibility increases many times.

After reading all the glitches, you are still confident that business is for you. Then, most likely, you are on the right track. But if this minus surprises you, then it is better to take this.

Of course, each person will decide what he needs, but whether you need your business, it’s best to pay for a few days to think about the subject.

Many citizens want to radically change their lives, change their social status and engage in private entrepreneurship. These bold steps require a clear idea of ​​the world of business and how to exist in it.

The person has two ways.
  • Discover your personal entrepreneurship.
  • Become a corporation.

Private Entrepreneurship – Plus

The most important benefits of private entrepreneurship are not limited to legislative law. You can sort documents that don’t have a penny in your pocket, that is, on your starting capital .

Individual entrepreneurs can register at their place of residence. and spending commercial activity nationwide. This type of activity does not provide the availability of accounting, so there is no way there are many papers and reports. Of course, it is necessary to report to the tax inspectorate, but once a year.

Describing entrepreneurial activity can produce itself without hiring an accountant. It does not take much time, and if a person works for a single tax, then all documents can be done from any order. Even if you are completely unprepared to keep records, there are many companies today that offer high-quality accounting services barefoot.

Individuals at the beginning of commercial activity cannot discover bank accounts. He doesn’t need it at all, unless his monthly income is over 300 minimum wage. If you open a bank account, you get full control over your personal entrepreneur money and you can do anything everyone wants.

Private entrepreneurs are exempt from VAT if their monthly earnings do not exceed 3000 wages. He also has the right without a trade license to sell goods on the market for which the law is not prohibited.

Individual entrepreneurs do not need to inform the bank in which their account is open when checking out with other organizations and enterprises.

Private Entrepreneurship – Apocalypse

Unfortunately, they exist and are not enough. A major commercial activity, entrepreneurs have to face problems that arise from the very beginning. Paradoxically, all these inconveniences were invented by domestic legislators.

For example, you can work individually in every sphere of the market. If you decide to participate in a bank or an insurance company, then a legal entity without registration you cannot.

For all debts that the entrepreneur may earn during his activities, he is directly responsible for his personal property. There is no direct relationship with professional activities including them.

And finally. The main lack of private entrepreneurship is in taxation, i.e. taxes on major payments. The activities of this tax enterprise must be paid within 30 days.

PE registration in Kiev is not very easy. Therefore, before becoming an entrepreneur, we advise you to weigh the documents thoroughly and thoroughly for registration.

Have a good business.

Many people naively believe that being an entrepreneur makes a lot of money, spends a lot of free time and lives to his delight. Others realize that their business is serious and they do not decide to find a business. Today we will tell you about the main advantages and minuses. Your own business It can be useful to you.

Disadvantages of their business

  • There is no guarantee of the success of the campaign. Campaign B. In this case, we mean the process of creating, launching and working on a company, enterprise. You attract millions of investments, come up with a solid plan, find a point of implementation, all of which have no 100% guarantee that your work will be successful and will bring you a steady income. This is called risk.
  • heavy start. According to Russian statistics in the first three years, 90% of small businesses are closed. That said, there is a hard screening of places under the sun. Moreover, the first three years can be called the most favorable, since they have the most favorable benefits. In other words, reduced tax burden, simplified form financial statements administrative management, and reduced the size of fines for violating legislation. After 36 months, your company treats the young and here you are already starting to feel all the charm of your business.
  • financial instability. What income you bring today can be lost tomorrow. Remember this and do not invest all your money when developing only in one direction. This mainly applies to the development of medium- and large-scale entrepreneurship, minor more mobile.
  • Lack of free time and the need for constant control. When you start developing a business and the staff does not grow too large, the main tasks are assigned to you. You literally have to work day and night to start your business. And even after you’ve safely organized, set up and start making stable profits early easy. Following the organization’s work closely should ensure that employees are able to motivate them during adjustments.
  • great responsibility. If you decide to open your job, be prepared to be examined by your family, your legislative, your creditors, your creditors, your family, your legislative, your staff. The director of the enterprise is responsible for everything that happens in the department, for the life and health of his subordinates. In this case, there is no place.
  • Unfair competition. You may even be at risk. A lucrative business that is open in big cities will be able to survive old competitors. First, your company is “harassing” – endless oversight checks, gossip, provocations. Second, the criminal component – threats, rackets, raids. Entrepreneurship isn’t clean, but it’s hard to develop without the necessary connections.
  • Lack of social benefits. If you are yourself, you are on any vacation, hospital, paid vacation … at least for the first time. It is very difficult for an individual entrepreneur to allocate additional means for self-sufficiency. Waiting for a profitable time remains.

These were the downsides of their business, but they shouldn’t be too gravy. The pluses are too catchy to stop all the glitches.

Advantages of his business

  • You are the boss, God, and king … at least on the wall of your office. Imagine you don’t have a boss. After all, you yourself are the big boss. This is not for you to decide freely, no one will fall into your brain, give you inappropriate orders, yell at you or criticize you. People work for you and order you. You become independent.
  • Unlimited Income. What is the current size of the board of directors obtained? 20.30, 50,000 rubles? And if you say, do you want to get 200 years or 500 people? The employer will answer that it is impossible. By working for yourself, you can achieve as much as you can. Of course, before the first line of Forbes, we are very far away, but it makes us one of the wealthiest people in the city.
  • There are many connections. Some connections are circles of communication with people who have some influence on others. You are strongly limited in your circle of communication – mostly your colleagues. As soon as you start organizing your own, you learn to communicate with many “needed” people, and go stronger. Communication with competitors can also benefit, and there is an opportunity to expand a business together or create a monopoly. In any case, you will greatly increase your circle of communication, which means you will become more important than the moment.
  • Improves your adaptability to life. With the ability to extract money from the air after taking people hired (90% today) and entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience doing business, the second will win. On … you always need time to work, as you don’t have to think about meeting the guidelines entrusted to you. But not everyone is able to extract money from ordinary life situations.
  • In free time … This is not a contradiction in our first part. You can spend your free time only if you can put your business on autopilot. Let it work without your participation, but under your close control. It was then that you felt all the benefits of your work. Lying upstairs in the Buse at a resort in a warm country, you will be notified of the registration of funds on the balance of your account. This is the purpose to be achieved. Business is freedom, not slavery.
  • The ability to become self-aware. What do we do when we hire? Most of the time, we do things we don’t like, but at least somehow satisfy our basic financial needs. Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to create what you really want and what you really want. The ability to turn a hobby into a performance is happiness.
  • help others You can not only successfully arrange your life, but also help others. Creation of highly paid jobs, favorable conditions for employees, sponsorship support for needs. You have a chance to cite one strong example. Good man successful entrepreneur.

Keys and Benefits of Your Own Business

The positive side of their own business

If that person decides to open up a business plan, he can evaluate his chances and use all his potential, skills and abilities when he paints a business plan that draws his business plan. As a result of these actions, most entrepreneurs can not only rely on their superiors, but also earn high profits and carry out their activities at their discretion. As a rule, the entrepreneur has a large amount of free time, he can even put everything in front of him and control the course of the solution. As a result of the activity, each businessman receives invaluable and necessary experience for entrepreneurship and allows many to work.

negative side of their business

However, it is important to consider not only the attractiveness of your business but also some rather significant and serious drawbacks. Each entrepreneur must remember that he can constantly endanger his property. cash and business. It is regularly voltage, stable and under fairly heavy loads. The income of businessmen will never be stable, and the rest will almost never work. Entrepreneurs have their own savings to keep their business free, or pay unexpected fines or other expenses, if necessary.

Characteristics of business activities

Of course, every kind of business has its own characteristics and capabilities. In principle, activities related to the production or sale of food are successful and expeditious, but it should be remembered that these items have a short expiry date, as well as the ongoing monitoring of this business by various supervisory authorities. with possible losses and costs.

It also depends a lot on the chosen organizational format, since all breeds have certain features that each entrepreneur needs to know even at the registration stage. For example, an individual entrepreneur is responsible for all personal property, and a joint-stock company is solely liable for its obligations by the company’s property. Each organization does specific reporting, so you can do without an IP. Professional Accountants Since they can fill out all documents independently, LTD directors must hire professionals. All I. Critical documents required by the tax authorities on time, in the desired quality and condition.

The interests of the enterprise must be influenced by the character and abilities of the entrepreneur, therefore, before the start of activities, the future entrepreneur must reasonably and objectively evaluate his skills and opportunities.

Therefore, before the opening of any case, it is necessary to solve many questions, evaluate positive and negative moments, develop a competent business plan and consult with knowledgeable people. You can start registering only when you are convinced that your confidence has benefits that far outweigh the core.

When buying a finished business, regardless of the details, you can use the following algorithm:

Startup business activities (and already existing ones) can be created in two ways. New business or preparation. Evaluate the pros and cons of the second option, you can decide whether this is it or not, or I recommend going with the first option.

Advantages of preparatory business:

  • As a history of development, good or bad, you can appreciate it.
  • Presence of premises and equipment.
  • the staff of staff.
  • Professional links and sales channels.
  • Ready products (services), sometimes already known brands.
  • A specific demand for a good (service), the ability to predict its changes.
  • Detailed financial and accounting reports.

Disadvantages of the finished business:

  • Equipment can be worn, and technological processes – outdated.
  • Rent may not be extended.
  • Staff can be low voltage
  • Opponents cannot be unreliable, and relations with them can be ruined by the previous owner.
  • After that, they “debt” debt obligations (unpaid taxes, pencils and duties or guarantees).

Step 2. Choose your business type

To do this, you need to answer a few questions.

1. Do you have a dream activity or business?

2. What type of business best adheres to the knowledge, skills and experience of the past few years?

3. What would you like to do? Produce, wholesale, retail or provide services?

4. Are you interested in business related to export and import?

4. Do you want to take your family and work in a business that your family has completed?

Experts first choose between production, retail, wholesale and service, then solve the import/export problem and then determine the market for a specific product (service) or selected sector.

Step 3. decide by means

First of all, decide which other funds you can allocate your trades to. Then you decide what money you can make (i.e. at the bank) and you’re ready to take off.

Note: The ability to attract borrowed money to acquire a business depends on the availability of liquid fixed assets and real estate. If you acquire a business with assets you own, in most cases 50% of the total business value or an investment project you may qualify for credit. Your personal assets can also serve as collateral for a loan to purchase a new business.

Step 4. Choose the appropriate option

Entrepreneurs who want to sell business place advertisements in newspapers or in lowercase advertising departments in any business publications or newsletters on specialized Internet sites or for free advertisements . Another source of other offers are brokerage firms that specialize in the sale of completed businesses.

Note: Sellers are always far from “nationwide”. The reason is the need to adhere to a strict privacy regime, as sales messages can create excitement among customers, employees and suppliers. Many potential sellers prefer to use their personal contacts to find buyers.

So you need to go watchman in the environment of friends, acquaintances, entrepreneurs, lawyers, employees, accountants, accountants, consultants and colleagues. You can also interview suppliers or distributors who work for the businesses you are interested in.

Step 5. Find out why the company you choose is selling.

Previous owners may have several.

  • living room change. Lack of direct control and management processes.
  • Disagreement between owners. A joint agreement on the path could not be reached for further development companies.
  • Loss of interest in business. After 6-8 years, activity can simply inspire satisfaction.
  • Achievement of disease at baseline age. There are limited possibilities for the business management owner and no worthy successor to a worthy event is available.
  • Investment in other projects is required. Owners found less profitable and less burdensome activities.
  • Sales of non-core assets. Some areas of activity of large corporations or holdings are either unprofitable or suitable for the overall concept of development.

In principle, all causes can be grouped into:

  • This business is to bring enough profits (the industry is in decline and decline in business activity, and there is a threat of bankruptcy.
  • The owner will have another business or diversify its activities. It’s a departure from some sort of personal motivation. He does not have enough funds to develop the company.

It is clear that the purchase of a company is appropriate only if the owners of the company are guided by the considerations included in the second group.

As a rule, at this stage, 2-3 suitable options remain from all previously selected options.

In the context of the Russian market, it is still impossible to estimate the value of the company. Market Value Stocks of large corporations are quoted on the public stock market as stocks. Therefore, when evaluating small businesses, experts recommend applying the following approach with a lucrative market and cost.

A profitable approach

With this approach, a company’s costs are determined based on the value of its expected earnings. This method suggests that the buyer will not pay for a business amount greater than the present cost of future earnings of interest. Applying this approach, buyers calculate a variety of business development options. However, with this approach, risk levels are often determined too subjectively. This valuation method is good if the company’s income is positive and stable.

Market Approach

Business costs are assessed by comparing the recent sales of similarly sized companies. A basic condition for the application of this approach is a formed market. A company’s cost is defined as the product of a (v1) relationship. Market Price The basic indicator (R2) of the Analog Companies (V2) and the primary indicator of the company (R1) was evaluated. v1 \u003d v2 / r2 × r1. As the basic indicators generally advocate: net income, book value of a company. When choosing a compared enterprise, it is guided by the following requirements: Businesses need to match the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the company.

cost approach

Business costs are determined by the amount of resource costs for reproduction or replacement, taking into account physical and moral wear. This approach works best when the buyer compares the cost of acquiring a business to the cost of creating a similar enterprise.

The unambiguous answer, which evaluation method is used, no. In each case, the approaches are combined according to the nature of the business.

Note: For this step, we recommend that you contact an independent consultant, business broker or professional appraiser. They often play an important role. After all, the definition of business is a process that requires specialized knowledge and experience in various fields of law, mathematical analysis, economics, accounting and auditing.

At this stage, as a rule, one suitable option remains.

Step 7. Investigate your chosen business in detail.

If the means allow (and the game costs by candlelight), it’s best to switch back to a professional and order a legitimate live action (“Dewfanger”). – Comprehensive checks by sellers for “proper conscience”. At a minimum, we will clarify the accuracy of the legal and financial information submitted to verify the correctness of the execution of the documents and compliance with current laws. Maximum “dew diligence” includes legal entry. Financial Audit Accounting I. Tax Accounting , Super Manager’s Compliance Assessment, Asset Inventory, etc. Infinity of locations.

Without a doubt, if the transaction amount is not that great, you can engage in the process described above for your own questions. Ask as many questions as possible, look, and ask your hands for numbers and models. Equipment and date of acquisition guessed the certificate. Find out about all the obligations of a company that has earned a business reputation and more.

Note: Minor resistance from sellers providing information of interest – a red flag!

Serious reasons for concern include:

1. Cropped hard ad hoc frameworks for business.

2. Key information about the object.

3. Even existing information is difficult.

4. There is no clear reason for the sale or justification of the sales reason, and it does not induce confidence.

5. Some of the information about the seller of the object has been found to be distorted or improperly interpreted.

8. Minimize Possible Risks

1. Move your certificate for anything that could potentially damage your business.

2. Learn the properties of complex states and locations. For example, you can avoid problems due to the termination of a rental agreement.

3. You need to rely on the facts and, if possible, do not believe the word, regardless of whether the credibility is the seller or not. This is especially true of the amount of profit and turnover of the company declared by the seller.

4. Offer to guarantee a debt-free absence that is not subject to accounting. He was signed by all founders and general directors. The buyer’s legal protection is guaranteed after signing. In the event of a negative outcome, the buyer has the opportunity to be offered to the court as to the court if it is offered to the creditor to the real debtor in order to file a regressive claim to protect your rights.

5. A lawyer recommends making a detailed plan for management authority management. This is especially important for preserving customer relationships, other operations of the enterprise, and employees acquired by suppliers, partners. After all, it is important for the buyer to keep a competent business.

6. In the contract with the seller, it is necessary to indicate that the new owner must acquire only debts related to the enterprise activities indicated in the contract. And debts related to the previous activities of the enterprise do not go to the new owners. Contracts and applications should provide a detailed list of all debts contained in the enterprise, indicating when creditors, nature, size, and requirements.

Step 9. Start buying talk

If all doubts are resolved, if positive, make a formal offer and negotiate.

Note: Sellers prefer to deal with frivolous buyers, so don’t be surprised if you are offered to submit a deposit as you did during your property’s operations.

In regular negotiations, the amount starts with the maximum and minimum offers, gradually softening the conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-define the price and terms to which you agree to purchase your business. Naturally, start with more favorable terms for yourself. Be prepared for the fact that the seller will satisfy the first sentence on terms that take into account the unfairness. This is an inevitable part of negotiations. If your intentions are serious, work towards the terms you agree to accept.

Step 10. Buy Business!


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