The Under 30s Guide to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

A catchy cover letter is a part of the job application process. These can be hard to write, so here are some tips to help make it easier!

Finding a job is a long, stressful process. For every one hundred jobs, ninety-nine come back with a discouraging no.

However, there is always such luck when someone is interested in you. Big! Finally, after weeks of looking for a job, you’ve found it!

You did everything right in this process. From an organized and detailed resume to teaching every possible interview question. Now all you need is… sigh…

Covering letter.

Now let’s all take a step back and understand that cover letters are tricky. They are not fun to write and never seem to be good enough.

But worry not, because Under 30 CEO will Guide to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter. Every business in the world will need you after this letter.

What is The Purpose of a Perfect Cover Letter?

A cover letter is usually a one-page document that you send along with your resume. The cover letter should contain a brief introduction about yourself and your career. An average cover letter should be around 250-400 words.

When you send a good cover letter, it can land you in an interview. If you send a bad one, well… don’t worry. That happens.

Writing for Medium: Everything you need to know

When you have a cover letter, remember that the cover letter must be additive to your resume. You don’t want it to overshadow your resume. Therefore, try not to repeat what is already on your resume.

If you’re not a professional writer, that’s fine too. As long as it has good grammar and spelling, its content matters most. All you need is the following format:

  • Title: Includes contact information.
  • Greetings reader.
  • Starting paragraph to grab attention. List your major accomplishments here.
  • A middle paragraph that tells the hiring manager why you are the best choice for the job.
  • In the final paragraph, you should repeat why you are the best fit for the company.
  • Polite and formal closing.

All in all, it doesn’t sound bad. Also, you are talking about yourself. Therefore, it should be easy to write about, right?

Ready to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Now you know what a cover letter is and what its purpose is. You are now ready to start writing your cover letter.

Choose a cover letter template.

To know you’re a serious candidate, the hiring manager will want to make sure you make a good first impression. A great way to look professional and make a good first impression is to choose the right cover letter template.

There are many that you can find online. However, you don’t have to use a template. You can also just write it your way. Although it is recommended that you still format it as a cover letter.

Start writing your cover letter with a headline.

To start writing a cover letter, you must start with a headline. This includes your information such as:

  • Your full name
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • date
  • Hiring manager name and title
  • Company name

Depending on the assignment, consider also adding the following to the title:

  • Any social media profiles (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Your personal site. (Many writers and graphic designers often have their own website to showcase their work.)

Now there are things you must No put in header:

  • Your full address
  • Any non-professional email addresses

Say hello to the manager.

To show how much this means to you, greet the manager.

If you want to know the name of a hiring manager, you can look it up on sites like LinkedIn. However, there are times when you don’t know the hiring manager, and that’s okay. Use other general greetings such as:

  • To whom It May Concern:
  • Dear Hiring Manager:

Write your paragraphs.

Introductory paragraph

Remember, you need to make a good first impression. Recruiters will receive hundreds of applications. Not everyone will be read, so make sure you can grab their attention.

Avoid generalizations and instead go into detail about your best accomplishments.

Second paragraph

Now you need to explain why you are the best fit for this position. To really kick it out of the park, see what the requirements are for the job. Then, in a letter, explain what you are capable of.

Final paragraph

Finally, you need to explain why you are good for the whole company. Recruiters want to make sure you fit in well with the corporate culture.

So, like above, you should also look into the company and what it is like. Make sure you come up with good reasons why you’ll be applying.

In the last paragraph, you should also make sure that you get all the points across, thank the recruiter, and call for action.

Add an official closing.

Finally you are done. However, you need an official closure such as:

  • With best regards,
  • Thanks,
  • Sincerely,

And it’s all!

Be sure to review your cover letter for grammatical errors and ask a friend to look at it. But you did it! You’ve written a cover letter! Now you just have to see if they accept it. Good luck!

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