How much does an insurance agency owner earn?

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As an entrepreneur, you are looking for a job that gives you good pay and benefits. Not to mention that you want something that you could be doing for years. One such option that you might be interested in is becoming the owner of an insurance agency. Although it doesn’t sound like much, being the owner of an insurance agency is very important.

So let’s take a look into the world of insurance agencies and see what’s so special about it.

What does the owner of an insurance agency do?

An insurance agency owner is someone who creates completely new marketing strategies, offers their clients more advanced contracts, and makes changes to contracts that are already in the business. This job requires a hybrid work style from the agency owner. This means that they will work both in the office and travel to clients to hold meetings or work on marketing requirements.

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Agency owner Ana uses innovation, sales and marketing to better understand the business, how the customer database works and build strong relationships to ensure a good reputation for the company.

Day by day as an agency owner

The owner of an insurance agency has a lot of work to do at any given time. These tasks include:

  • Develops opportunities for innovation and new revenue growth for businesses.
  • Maintain relationships with clients to ensure that whatever they need is done.
  • Provide clients with a wide range of niches for clients to choose from.
  • Use marketing strategies to reach a large and diverse demographic.
  • Identify customer needs and find the best solution to customer problems.
  • Improve the reputation of the business by taking on various tasks to help the agency.
  • Find new ways for the agency and clients to generate new monetary value.
  • Make sure the agency is up to date with the latest market and industry trends.

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How much does an insurance agency owner earn?

In the US, the average the salary for an insurance agency owner is about $135,690. However, depending on the job, company, and state you live in, it can fluctuate. For example, the salary cap is around $71,500 and the cap is a whopping $257,571 per year.

General questions about the agency owner

Is this a “demanded” job?

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS states that an insurance sales agent, similar to the position of an insurance agency owner, will increase by 10% in about 6 years.

What are the opening hours of an insurance agency owner?

  • The typical agency owner usually has an average working day of about eight hours, which equates to forty hours a week. However, due to the stressful nature of this job, coming on weekends or working overtime is common.

How to become an insurance agency owner

First, this is a job that requires education and skills, not something you can just take on your free time. The average agency owner requires a bachelor’s degree, usually in economics, finance, or something similar. While not required, a master’s degree can look good and can help you position yourself better in a company.

After you have completed your studies, you apply for marketing positions. Because they vary among the fifty states in the US, you may need special qualifications in the form of credentials and requirements. Some companies even offer a license if you join them.

Required Skills

Throughout your training, internship or practical experience, you will need some skills to handle this challenging job. Some of the more important ones include:

  • Budgeting
  • Sales management
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • credibility
  • Communication

Related fields

Sometimes you can’t get the job you want right away. This is fine! besides, you will simply study more and acquire other skills if you do not get this job right away.

Consider the following jobs if you are unable to become an insurance agency owner.

Insurance sales agent

  • The sales agent uses his skills and marketing to sell to customers.

insurance underwriter

  • The insurance underwriter reviews offers and entries. They determine whether someone can get insurance.

Personal Finance Advisor

  • A financial advisor helps his clients manage their money and keep it in order.


The owner of an insurance agency has a great responsibility to ensure that the company grows, attracts and maintains its customers. It’s stressful, long hours, but if you work hard enough and have that drive, you can see yourself making up to $200k a year! It’s not bad money.


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