Top 5 Social Entrepreneurship Business Ideas

social entrepreneurship

Across the country, thousands of people are thinking about starting their own business. Whether they got the idea from a family member who was in it, out of general interest, or out of attention to role models, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what kind of business they are going to do. If you are an empathetic person and want to help your local community or even the whole world, then social entrepreneurship business ideas are the way to go.

Social entrepreneurship is similar to a social impact business in that it is a company that focuses on improving its communities or the world and its business practices are also aligned with its values.

So, now you know what it is, what kind of business is suitable for this? Well, that’s where you come from. Before you start your social entrepreneurship, you need an idea. Research the market, talk to business owners who are already doing it, and find out what your community needs.

Once you have outlined your business plan, you can act on it. Here are five social entrepreneurship business ideas that, with your leadership, could change the world.

Social Entrepreneurship Business Ideas

Public Garden

A community garden is a great idea that can work wherever people live. This is true for both rural croplands and urban jungles. For the townspeople, this is a way to go outside and try their hand. Or, for people who have moved to the city, a garden can be a way to remind them of home. In addition, local businesses such as markets and restaurants can grow food here, or even buy food from customers who own a piece of land. The city can be a dull and gray place to live despite the abundance of human life. This extra green color can make many people happier and make their city beautiful.

Pet Shelter

Creating a shelter for wayward animals is an important matter. Too many cats, dogs and other animals are neglected or abandoned by abusive owners. Taking these animals and curing them is a very wonderful thing to do. In addition, when these animals begin to regain trust in people, they can be taken into homes forever. So, if you are an animal lover or someone who is qualified to take care of animals, such as a veterinarian, then this job is for you. If the pet shelter works, you might be able to expand it to a boarding house or groomers.


One of the most important parts of being a social entrepreneur is sustainability and securing it by finding suppliers with the same values. Many people are also becoming more and more resilient as they look for alternative ways to help the planet. One such idea is reusable grocery bags. There are many ways to implement this idea, such as turning them into more functional bags. For example, they can be made from recycled or waterproof materials. Or you can develop them based on trends and interests in the field.

Another idea is to tackle clean energy, which is growing all over the world due to necessity and popularity. Look for green solutions that are cheap and affordable for people. You can then sell it and build a huge consumer base. Ideas for this include electric bikes, solar panels, and many other options.

Commission Shop

The thrift store is a popular idea for social entrepreneurship. Especially if it’s something like a college town. Many college students don’t have much money and sometimes they need new clothes. Having this opportunity for them, along with other families and low-income people, makes thrift stores a great idea. Also, if you are good with clothes, you can even design your own clothes and sell them. Ask people in your community if they have things to sell, soon enough you will have a big pile of things other people can use in their lives.

Crowdfunding Platform

Another recent tool of the Internet, crowdfunding has become more popular and important these days. They can be very useful for those who want to make charitable donations to causes close and dear to people. Of course, there are other platforms, so you need to grasp that it is different from any other crowdfunding platform.


Many other business ideas that can help your community, so don’t just stop at them. Many see the problems of humanity on the horizon and therefore are looking for a way to make our lives better and hope for a better future. If you’re not the type to start a business, look for these social entrepreneurship business ideas in your local community and see what you can do to help.

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