How Can an Immigration Attorney in Houston Help You

There is nothing like getting help from a professional. Not only will the immigration process be simpler, but you will also get peace of mind because you know you are in good hands.

Aside from the known services of immigration attorneys in Houston, here are some other services they can help you with.

Teach you your rights

As much as it is discouraging to know, some people will take advantage of people whenever they can. But you don’t need to be a victim of such practices.

Immigrants have rights as well and an immigration lawyer will ensure that you will be protected from any form of harassment. You can also rely on them to plan out how you will respond to people in different situations.

Guide you as you become a naturalized citizen

Anyone who has applied for naturalization knows that the process is not a highway but a long and winding road. It can be stressful and very lengthy.

But having an immigration lawyer with you, will be able to explain to you what you need to know about each step of the process. They can also help you out in fulfilling all the requirements you need to have as well as assist you when you’re taking the citizenship test.

If you have special immigration status

Unfortunately, some people will have the status set by the government and be subject to the vulnerability and the shift of their priorities or opinions. They get stuck and it is often difficult to move independently to process your immigration application.

An immigration lawyer can help you find the potential solution to help you move forward as well as defend you of your rights when it comes to that.

When someone in your family is detained by the government

Detained individuals have limited access to legal counsel let alone immigrants who are still processing their applications.

But the good thing about it is that if you find a good immigration attorney in Houston, they can help sort out the case and provide you with solutions. They can also represent your loved one in the court of law so that they will have fair judgment and will be considered by the court.

You want to apply for your green card

Having a green card will allow you to be a permanent resident of the US. These provide the holders with LPR or lawful permanent resident status but with just a limited time. Not everyone is eligible for these cards and the qualification can be based on certain eligibility.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for a green card, an immigration lawyer can help assess you and see if you can obtain a card. They will explain why you are either qualified or not qualified and offer options to improve your status.

They can also help you out in sponsoring a family member. They do this by guiding you throughout the process and help you complete all the paperwork that comes with it.

If you want your fiancé to get a visa

K-1 non-immigrant or fiancé visas are available should an individual would want to get one. These allow foreigners engaged to US citizens to travel to the US to get married there.

The application of these visas is quite tedious and can become stressful. Having an experienced lawyer provide you with assistance will help make the process smoother and reduce the burden on the couple.

An experienced immigration attorney is an essential part of being successful in your petition or application. They have plenty of experience and can find solutions for some problems you may encounter.


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