Why You Need Postcards In Your Offline Marketing Strategy

You are probably well aware of direct mail as part of an offline marketing strategy, but have you taken the plunge to put it into action? The time to start using direct mail, and specifically postcards, is now. This might sound surprising, since we live in an increasingly more digital world all the time, but the truth is that postcards can be incredibly effective. There are many reasons for this, and you need to understand why they can be a cornerstone of your offline marketing efforts. 

They Can Be Targeted

Offline marketing tactics are not very precise, even when they are targeted. Yes, you can run radio or TV ads during certain time blocks when you think your intended audience is watching or listening, but you can’t be sure of how many will actually see it or pay attention. The same goes for newspaper ads, or with billboards. However with postcards you can build a mailing list with people who you know have previous buying behaviors that match your target audience. This can be a list of your customers, or a list that you’ve purchased. So, while your postcard campaign will not be viewed as many times as a television ad, there’s a good chance it will be seen by more motivated buyers. 

It’s Cost Effective

The more you can target something, the more cost-effective it will be. This is because you are paying only for a more highly motivated audience, and excluding everyone else. Postcards are not only chapter than broader marketing strategies, but they are also more affordable than letters. You can save on printing, labels, envelopes, and the time it takes to stuff them. Many printing places may also offer a bulk purchasing discount, which means more savings. 

They Are Easier To Make Than Ever

You don’t have to be an amazing artist or graphic designer to have a great postcard mailer. All you need is a service like My Creative Shop. Go to the site, and choose from a selection of postcard templates. With so many options, there is no doubt that you will be able to find one that suits your needs. After that, all you have to do is plug in your content and you are good to go. You can have effective postcards to send out in a matter of minutes. 

People Actually Read Them

Emails can be easily deleted, or even filtered out of sight. With letters, there’s the extra effort of tearing them open that many people avoid completely. However, with postcards, the information is there and in their face as soon as someone takes it out of the mailbox. There is no extra effort, and essentially no way to avoid them. In fact, some studies show that postcards are read by over 50% of recipients, which is a much better open rate than other direct mail and email options. The more effective you make your postcards, the better your read rate will be. 

People Actually Respond to Them

When you produce marketing materials, the goal is always to get them in front of as many motivated eyeballs as possible. However, you also want to see that people are responding to your appeals as well. With postcards, you can expect a response rate of approximately 4.25%, which is a better rate than the average direct mail product. If your marketing isn’t spurring people into action, then it doesn’t matter how many viewers you get. Postcards are the best way to garner as many responses as possible. 

They Can Grab Attention

If you design yours right or choose the right template, you can grab your audience’s attention with a direct mail postcard. You can highlight your important information where it will be easily read without being blocked by an envelope. The eye is naturally drawn to bold colors, enticing pictures, and quality pictures. If you want, you can even produce large-sized postcards, which will draw even more attention than regular ones. 

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They Can Have Any Call to Action

The entire point of any marketing initiative is to get your audience to do something. That can be to visit your website, call a phone number, or even order your product. Once you’ve identified the desired action, the next step is to make your call to action as noticeable as possible. Your sales pitch can be on the card, or you can direct them somewhere for further marketing. The sky’s the limit, and postcards offer a perfect versatile direct mail solution. 

Even though it might seem simple to work mostly in the digital realm, you need an offline marketing strategy to get to the heights you’ve always dreamed of. When developing your strategy, make sure to include direct mail as an effective and cost-friendly part of it. Postcards, in particular, offer you the best direct mail option for getting a motivated audience. 

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