Top Tips for a Serial Entrepreneur in a New Industry

serial entrepreneurs in a new industry

Being a serial entrepreneur means you are always on the move. You are always looking for the next big thing. This way you will notice trends and how the data goes up and down and then up. Sometimes this means you need to look for a new career. This should never be good or bad, but there are good tips on what to do if you’re about to become an entrepreneur in a new industry.

Interestingly enough, according to, most entrepreneurs change careers around age 39. This can be due to various reasons such as stress or financial situation. In addition, 58% of these people say they would take a pay cut if it meant a different line of work.

But before we dive into the tips and tricks to become a better serial entrepreneur, we need to know what it is. A serial entrepreneur is someone who is constantly coming up with new ideas and businesses to create. Then, once they start, they hand over the reins to someone else, and then they go out and start a new business.

Now that you know the definition, let’s get started. Here are some of the best tips for an entrepreneur in a new industry.

Explore a new industry

Let’s say you want to change the pace. You are looking for a new career area. As exciting as it sounds, there is a lot of work to be done. But before you can start making money from your dazzling new idea, you need to make sure it even makes sense. So what you want to do first is decide what you want to do. This may require some introspection, so take your time. You want to do this because you want change.

Once you come to a conclusion, start researching this career in your local community. There might already be a similar business out there that you can jump into or even start for yourself. But what you want to do is learn everything you can about the industry and how viable it is.

Work with people from a new industry

You have an idea and you have done your research. Now you must find out who the people in this career are and what you can learn from them. See if you can work in the shadows or if you can apply for a position with their company. But as an entrepreneur in a new industry, starting one yourself can be challenging. See if there are people in your community who think the same way as you. Perhaps a partnership can be formed and this can facilitate many business transactions.

Surprise yourself with a new industry

Sometimes when you’re making a career change in a new industry, you want to get into it with a bang. You want to do something bold and new. Well, thousands of others have already beaten you to it. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t do it. No need to reinvent the wheel. You may choose a strategy that is different from how the business works. Either way, you want to make sure that what you do will surprise everyone, even yourself. Remember, it has to be worth it, otherwise it won’t be worth it at all.

Prepare to fail with a new industry

There will be bad days. And the worst days. Everything can go wrong like debt, robberies, lack of retention, bad sales, power outages and a billion other things that can and will go wrong. But that doesn’t mean you give up. Keep getting up even if you’ve been knocked down a hundred times. You must grow thick skin, deal with blows, and prepare for defeat. Then it is how you recover that will determine the fate of your new industry.


There are so many other good tips for an entrepreneur in a new industry. But that’s the way it is with every new business. As long as you take it seriously and treat it like you would any start-up company, you’ll be fine. But getting what you want takes a lot of effort, luck, and skill.

Take it easy, make smart decisions, and don’t do it alone. You have friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and complete strangers who will want to help you. Don’t be afraid to look for it. Then when you’re done, you can move on to the next case.


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