How to Start a Nacho Business

nacho business

The food industry is one of the largest business areas worldwide and yet there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity here. A great way to start is to know what kind of food you will be serving. Food is an important cultural element throughout the world. American, Chinese, Mexican, Greek and many more. The good news is that you will find someone who loves everything you cook. But why don’t we start with something easy? Nachos business.

Its base is just melted cheese and tortilla chips. A very simple premise, but many people like it because it is a hot and ready meal. Not to mention that you can make all sorts of nachos. But let’s start from the beginning before you start your nacho making venture.

Place, Place, Place

Starting a nacho business has its pros and cons. But, before you can get started with that, you need to know where you’re setting up. Look around your local community to see where good locations can be found for your nacho business. Take notes and focus on places with a lot of pedestrians. Students, business people, shoppers and more will be everywhere, especially at lunchtime. So be sure and pay attention to where these people go to eat, what they eat, and if they eat and go.

Provided by the government

Once you have found your favorite spot, you should contact the local government and find out what you can do to start your own nacho business. Now, if this is a restaurant idea, you need to have certain permissions and powers. But if you have a small cart that can be moved around, then the amount of paperwork you need to do will be greatly reduced.

A mobile food cart requires a permit, and you also need to apply for food permits and a sales tax collection license. This can be done by contacting your local government and contacting their health department. There you can check and pay for the permit.

Get your ingredients

Once you have the permissions and everything is in perfect shape, you can start gathering the resources you need. A food cart or food truck would be a great way to go. They must be approved by the local government’s transportation department. Other items you will need include:

  • Heated trays to keep food warm
  • Refrigeration equipment for keeping certain foods and drinks cold.
  • Prepare
  • Sink for washing hands and dishes
  • Some kind of weather cover to protect from strong sun or rain

A food cart can be purchased from places like All Star Carts, Creative Mobile Systems, or you can even buy a used cart from an e-commerce service like eBay.

Making nachos

Cooking books, YouTube cooking channels, or even watching TV networks like the Food Network can also help you along your journey. As a tip, it should be advised to learn how to make nachos before anything else, just so you don’t spend too much time trying to make nachos. This type of food includes many cheeses, condiments, meats, chips and other ingredients that require basic food knowledge to understand how to cook. Be sure to understand what the process is and that you will have to work quickly, especially if you are doing it yourself.

Think business

So, you have a cart and you can make nachos. Big! Now you need to buy consumables. This includes food and beverages, napkins, silverware, cleaning products and other related products. Note: You should pay attention to the cost of these items so you can sit down and set prices. When you set prices, think about what the menu will look like. Of course, you will have nachos, but some of them will be more expensive than others. Drinks or other food may also be available.


Finally, advertising. Before you have a grand opening, you must sell yourself. Flyers, signs, and even giving away coupons are great ways to grab people’s attention. Also pay attention to local events. You can hand out flyers about your cart.


That’s all! You have a cart, permits, food and advertising. Now you need to make sure you are getting business. Offer special deals and deals, take your cart to local events like fairs. If you can afford it, advertise in the local newspaper or on the radio.

You are finally an entrepreneur with a delicious idea! Not to mention that you have money! Use this money to add new items, tune and decorate your cart or even hire another person!


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