Do you want to make your delivery service faster and better? Follow these tips

delivery service faster

Creating a fast and reliable delivery service is easier than you might think. There are managerial and business tricks to help your business run smoothly. Do you want to know how to increase the delivery speed?

Fast delivery requires more than just a quick ride. You need to properly organize and manage your shipping centers. Running a business efficiently and helping customers is important. This article provides tips on how you can ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction with a delivery service.

12 tips to speed up delivery

If you’re looking for simple yet effective hacks to speed up shipping, you can simply follow a few tips below and witness the magic!

Organizing orders is critical to a good delivery system. You must sort orders according to delivery dates. Emergency deliveries must be prioritized and shipped early. You must also send the old parcels first and then the new ones.

Organizing delivery times will help you avoid defaults. This will increase your reliability for the client. Therefore, you must create your own order prioritization system and policy.

  • Make internal processing simple

Your internal order processing system should be top-notch and simple. A complex order processing system slows down the workflow. Multiple interfaces make the ordering process tedious.

You must use smaller and more efficient programs. Try to make sure the employees are well trained. And stay up to date with new programs or updates.

  • Use modern technologies

You should not shy away from using modern technology to manage your delivery system. Several useful software systems and applications can improve it. For example, GPS tracking and routing applications can inform you of the fastest ways to deliver a product.

You can use electric or dedicated bikes for your drivers to reduce delivery time. If this intrigues you, you can learn more here.

Scanners and automatic packaging machines will also help reduce delivery times.

Real-time tracking software and route management software can help you reroute a driver and track their delivery time.

Route Optimization Apps can help a lot. They can optimize the best routes according to delivery points and have additional features to minimize wasted time. You can use free tools available on the web or purchase a subscription to a well-reviewed app.

  • Improving warehouse efficiency

You may experience slow delivery issues due to inefficient inventory management. The warehouse should be able to send you detailed product information within seconds. There is nothing worse than a slow delivery due to poor warehouse management.

You can try to make the most of scanning devices and automation in the warehouse. This will greatly reduce the time. The warehouse should be updated with the location of each item.

You have to plan big events and festival times. For example, you may receive a large number of orders around major holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You should plan at least a few weeks and bring in additional drivers and staff to handle the extra delivery pressure during that time.

Lack of planning can result in the loss of additional orders and even overloaded shipping orders. Your customers will also be happy if you can properly handle their delivery requests during peak hours. So it’s best to plan at least a few weeks in advance.

  • Fulfill your delivery obligations

You must never violate the established delivery time. If the expected delivery time is 24 hours, then you must deliver within that time. Organizing and prioritizing your shipping orders should help.

Your brand’s reputation suffers when a customer is disappointed with an estimated delivery time. Always be transparent and communicate in advance the possible delivery time. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Drivers have driving experience and have useful traffic information. You can talk to them about traffic congestion during rush hours. They would know which route would be best on a certain day of the week and at a certain time.

Drivers who are accustomed to a particular area or area should be assigned to that location. This will shorten the delivery time.

You should also step up communication with your drivers to know which customer is suffering from delayed delivery so you can rethink their itineraries.

  • Properly manage customs and documents

You should arrange customs in advance to shorten the delivery time if you are doing cross-border shipments. Some countries have an online customs system through which you can declare an item and pay fees online before it leaves or arrives in the country. This can greatly reduce the overall delivery time.

Paperwork can also slow down delivery times. Do it all online so your driver can quickly take signatures and fill out paperwork. Reduce load as much as possible.

  • Use third party shipping companies

You can use third party delivery services for your company. Companies like DHL, UPS or TNT can deliver faster than government delivery services. But a postal service like USPS is pretty reliable too. You can use these services for overseas or interstate shipping to reduce delivery times.

  • Keep your customers up to date

Keeping customers up to date on what is happening with their packages can be a pleasure for them. Some customers are worried about the status of their packages and their location. Informing them about the process and stage of labor can reduce their anxiety. It will also increase the ranking of your company.

Communicate accurate information to customers and make them feel valued. The credibility of your information and constant communication will improve your brand image.

  • Expand your delivery range

You should expand your delivery range and cover more areas as your business expands. Create more delivery centers so that your driver can pick up goods from the nearest available location. Having only one hub increases delivery time due to round trips.

You can move packages to the center closest to where they were delivered. Incorporating a shipping and air shipping service will also expand your business.

  • Allow multiple transaction methods

Having multiple transaction methods can help your customers. Ability to transact via debit, credit, PayPal or mobile wallets will attract more customers. Clients would prefer a transaction method to serve them.

Make sure your website and online portals are secure so customers don’t have to worry about sharing their account details with you. Hiring the right staff can also help clients feel secure.


Achieving delivery speed for your delivery service is not that difficult. With a few changes, you can transform your delivery company. Better organization and management are of great importance. We hope the tips here have inspired you to fix your business’ shipping system!


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