30 nominations under 30

30 nominations and recognitions under 30 – are you next?

Under30CEO’s list of 30 CEOs under 30 includes people who are changing the face of business, technology and the world. Each year people are nominated by themselves or others to be included in the 30 to 30 year old list.

Each month, nominees are added to a permanent feature that highlights their impact: “Top Executives Under 30 from Around the World.” At the end of the year, judges select the top 30 executives as finalists for the global competition and draw up a list.

Judging process

A team of influencers and judges will investigate, review and debate the final list of 30 under 30 nominations. The final team of judges will either accept or reject the list. If accepted, the 30 finalists under 30 will be presented and notified. In the event of a rejection, the first team of judges will recreate the list until it is accepted.

Main criteria:

  • Social Influence
  • Changes in society
  • Independent impact
  • Responsibility and vision for the future
  • Beliefs, values ​​and attitudes

What is your influence?

Get nominated as 30 to 30 leaders and become part of the class under 30 2022-2023.

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