22 little-known ways to make a name for yourself

Getting ready to choose a business name? Read on for nine mistakes nearly every budding entrepreneur makes...and how you can avoid them.

If you don’t make a name for yourself, someone else will make one for you. And it might not be the one you want. Who makes a name for YOU? Consider these twenty-two little-known ways to do it:

  1. Grow trust. Oprah is the most trusted person in America. She is also a billionaire. This is not a coincidence. So remember: the amount of money you earn is directly proportional to the number of people who trust you. Are you trustworthy?
  2. Take care of your nuts. Inside you. Within your organization. Madness is the lifeblood of innovation. Crazy is the new sane. Are you ready to put on a straitjacket and start changing the world?
  3. Ask the inexplicable. Whatever question people consider “not to ask”, this is the question that should be asked in the first place. And since no one else is going to spend stones on it, you can very well do it. Are you ready to overcome the distraction of participation?
  4. Avoid always. In your current situation, figure out what move everyone always makes. The action that most people always take. Then do the complete opposite. You will win. That’s the cool part: you don’t even have to be that good. Just unexpected. What rule do you want to break?
  5. Look after the irrational. Never neglect the strategy of remaining completely irrational, unreasonable, illogical, and insane. Sanity is overrated anyway. How absurd are you willing to be?
  6. Determine your destination. Don’t worry about how you get there. Start at the end and the road will eventually appear. Your problem will have no choice but to solve it. When was the last time you updated your visualization board?
  7. Eliminate the losers. Connect with people who make money. Not people who want to know how YOU make money. Do you need richer friends?
  8. Embody values. Don’t “have” a commitment – BE a commitment. Be a walking embodiment of your values. People will follow you just to see where you go next. How consistent are you?
  9. End addiction. This time, try to depend on YOU. At least this person can be trusted. Right? Right?
  10. Enter pain. Stop resisting and it will stop resisting. Learn to love it. Relax into your tension. Breathe instead of reacting. You will find that what you feel is not really pain, but just discomfort. And that’s a beautiful part of the life experience when you learn something very important about yourself. What is your body trying to tell you?
  11. Harvest learning. Become the world’s expert in learning by doing. Nobody can stop you. What did you learn today?
  12. Turn on error. The minute you write it down, that’s the moment he starts being a mentor. The minute you learn from it, that’s the moment it starts to be a lesson. And the minute you give thanks for it, that’s the moment it starts to create opportunity. How could you turn misses into fixes?
  13. Leave the familiar. If you want to move forward, make yourself comfortable. Are you willing to intentionally make yourself feel insecure?
  14. List reasons. More reasons = more motivation. How many do you have?
  15. Relax your mind. Thinking is not as important as people think. When was the last time you meditated?
  16. Increase the positive. All this fake, sugary, banal bullshit about attitude actually works. Try. How many affirmations did you read today?
  17. Get to know the world. In fact, let me rephrase: let the world meet you. How will the meeting go?
  18. Organize your circumstances. “Well, this is what it is,” people quit. Bullshit. It’s not what it is – it’s what you LET it be. It’s not what it is – it’s how you RESPOND to it. And it’s not what it is – it’s what you CHOOSE to change it into. Are you the guy who does things, watches what happens, or the guy who the hell just happened?
  19. Explore the known. The only thing you have to fear is the KNOWN. This is the dangerous part. When you refuse to ask HOW you know what you know. Do you believe what you believe because you really believe or because someone told you to believe?
  20. Review Experts. These guys are morons. Especially those who use statistics and facts to support their crazy theories. Here’s an idea: instead of paying twenty dollars for another business book stuffed with recycled wisdom and unoriginal nonsense; go ask someone who actually DID something. Ask a thinker. Ask someone who doesn’t call themselves an “expert”. You’re better. Is this person an expert or someone who just got lucky once?
  21. Strengthen alignment. Not balance. Balance for ballerinas. You need to level up. Consistent. Strong. Straight. That’s what’s important. This is what people notice. How aligned are you?
  22. Explore the past. Most people have a learning style. Or a learning plan. How about the UN style of learning? What is your UN training plan?

REMEMBER: If you want to make a name for yourself, start becoming a living pamphlet of your own awesomeness.

Hang in there today.


Who makes your name?


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