10 best cities for young business people

boston ma

10. Jacksonville

A surprise finalist for the Under30CEO Cities for Young Business People, Jacksonville No State Income Tax made it into the top ten. Relatively low cost of living compared to others on the list, your money goes far in Jacksonville. This is not the Florida your grandparents live in – Jax’s average age is 35. Warm weather, beaches, what’s not to like?

nine. Phoenix

You may have overlooked the fact that Phoenix is ​​the 5th most populous city in the country, or that Arizona State University Phoenix has over 90,000 students. Phoenix has a beautiful backdrop and represents all four major sports with professional teams. Go shopping for your dream home at discounted prices as they have dropped more than anywhere else in the country.

eight. Denver

With an extremely active outdoor scene, whitewater kayaking within the city, epic skiing just a short drive away, Denver is not only great for outdoor sports, it’s also a great city for spectators. Coors Field spills over into a bar scene in the midst of a noisy LoDo. Wall Street operations of the West include Charles Schwab, Janus Capital, Oppenheimer Funds and Western Union.

7. San Francisco

San Francisco has a ton of entrepreneurs, a laid-back Californian culture, and plenty to see and do. Meetings of entrepreneurs, in Stanford and Berkeley near the Bay Area there are many hungry business people. Don’t expect sunny California weather all over the city – microclimates can vary by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit in opposite parts of the city.

6. Portland, Oregon

Often overlooked in the Pacific Northwest, Portland boasts fantastic open space conservation. Dry summers and mild winters The City of Roses is a great place to start a business or meet your soul mate. Come to Portland for the outdoors or the art/music scene.

five. Seattle

If you like rock and roll, forget about Cleveland, Seattle is the birthplace of Jimi and grunge. If you like exploring the fast expansion of coffee shops, Starbucks and Seattle’s Best are setting the pace. Seattle is very humid; home of the Puget Sound, Seahawks and Mariners. If not for rain and earthquakes, Seattle would be even higher.

4. Austin

Rising to the stage, Austin is not your typical Texas city. Austin’s nightlife has something for everyone: University of Texas students, young professionals, and an upscale crowd. Austin’s resistance to commercialization gives him the adopted slogan “Keep Austin Weird”.

3. New York

Do you want to conquer the world? Move to New York. Its price has kept it from taking the top spot, but New York has a lot to offer. In terms of size, entertainment, people to meet and opportunities to take over New York is BIG. You can’t walk down the street in New York without hearing another language, meeting someone from another city, or seeing something strange. Take it piece by piece and think of your neighborhood as your own city.

2. Chicago

It’s damn cold in winter, and damn fun in summer. Where else in the world can you lie on the beach and look at the skyscrapers? Michigan Avenue has spectacular parks, shops, restaurants, and views of Lake Michigan. On Saturday mornings, go out for a game of beach volleyball, go for a run or bike ride on the boardwalk, or just lie down in bed hungover after a night out in Riguelieville.

one. Boston

With New England charm, over 20 institutions of higher education, fantastic history, and plenty of local bars, Boston tops our list of the 10 Best Cities for Young Business People. Less expensive than their rival New York, walk around the city without worry, there will be students and young professionals everywhere. When it’s sunny in Boston, everyone goes outside pretending to be on Cape Cod. Love or hate them, the Sox, Pats, and Celtics make Boston a huge sports city.


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