Why is XRP still worth considering?

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The crypto sector has huge potential and there is no doubt that Ripple is a major player. Despite a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple is one of the most visible assets in an ever-growing market. cryptocurrency market. So, what do we need to know about Ripple and why should we consider XRP?

What is pulsation?

Ripple is one of the leaders in the field, offering fast cross-border payments and unique services. It has attracted many businesses and financial institutions by providing new tools, liquidity venues, and even a platform for minting and managing central bank digital currencies (CBDC). As Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman of Ripple, said, “Ripple is working to replace SWIFT and correspondent banking…” Note that Ripple’s native coin is XRP, which is ranked #8 by CoinMarketCap as of August 2022.

Ripple Legal Issues

Despite its potential ripple there is a difficult road ahead. The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint that Ripple raised funds during the placement of unregistered securities. Unfortunately, it was only before the actual lawsuit that Ripple was notified of the need for registration and dragged into what turned out to be a legal circus. Despite this, XRP continued to rise. In 2018, he even reached record high price over $3. Many experts believe that its value will increase again in the coming years.

The role of Ripple in changing the rules of cryptocurrency

The long-awaited outcome of the lawsuit will address some of the questions and concerns. This will be a landmark decision that draws a line between crypto assets and financial securities. While waiting for the court’s decision, there are more questions than answers. An attack on a single player can be seen as an attack on the crypto market. And interestingly, the market is unlikely to accept the challenge. He is willing to accept this threat as an opportunity for improvement. There is a good chance that the legal battle can shed light on crypto assets and crypto operations.

XRP | Popular asset among traders

While the future of crypto is impossible to predict, the fact is that many people are interested in XRP. Due to fast processing time (up to five seconds), low transaction costs (average $0.0013927) and popularity among financial giants. ripple definitely here to stay. Those who want to buy XRP can easily do so. Platforms like Binance, Bitcoin Loophole, and kraken could be a great start. However, trading remains volatile and risky. One risks losing his investment.


Ripple is one of the most popular names in the crypto world. Despite the ups and downs, many investors and financial institutions are hopeful for its future.

In the end, we have to admit that Ripple and other coins are here to create a different financial world where decentralization, transparency and affordability are on a pedestal. Will cryptocurrency replace other payment systems and even traditional banking? It’s yet to be seen! Until then, trade due diligence!

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