The Best Websites for Beginner Freelancers to Find Clients

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If you are one of the many beginner freelancers, chances are you are using a freelancing platform. However, there are many platforms out there and it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

These platforms are valuable tools that can help you grow out of your career. In addition, they will help you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran in your field.

So which one is the best to use?

Well, the best freelancing platform to use for beginners is one that can provide an easy-to-use and direct venture to help connect your clients and job opportunities.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best sites for beginner freelancers that you can use.


Fiverr is a great tool for freelancers. get to work. The website also features various career fields such as marketing, arts, video production, and more.

Fiverr has had over 3.4 million customers over the past few years and freelancers both new and old could find opportunities.

However, the Fiverr service is cooler than most. It’s 20% off pay due to their diverse career options and easy to use interface. Also, by gauging how often you visit the site looking for a job, Fiverr takes a lot longer to get paid, usually around one to two weeks.

But due to the popularity of the website, Fiverr is one of the most competitive marketplaces on the internet. But as competition increases, this can lead to lower prices. This can make it difficult to charge the way you want.


Another website for aspiring freelancers, Upwork is one of the largest on the web with over 3 million jobs created each year. This makes the website a great place to get started and look for work.

Like Fiverr, Upwork also has many types of careers you can work in. What’s nice about the website is that you can charge either by the hour or by the flat rate. There is also the option to choose whether you want your contracts to be short term or long term.

Like Fiverr, Upwork also requires a fee of up to 20% for any transaction you make. The fees also depend on whether you have earned up to $500 or less.

Upwork contains a handy feature known as “Connects”. They are intended for Upwork users who can use the website to submit their job applications. They’re a bit like credits, and Upwork gives new users up to 80 free connections when they create an account. Once you need 81 connections, you will pay $0.15 each. Or you can buy them in packs of ten.


Like Fiverr and Upwork, Thumbtack has freelancers for all kinds of jobs instantly and easily, as well as simple interfaces to connect with potential clients.

What makes Thumbtack another freelancing website is that its identity revolves around the local community and small business owners. So, if you’re a landscape designer, artist, writer, or whatever, the platform can help you land a job with someone in need, in the community.

Another plus is that it is a free site for freelancers. In addition, Thumbtack also refunds if the job doesn’t suit you.

Thumbtack has another bonus for beginner freelancers. The website offers a customized job funnel. This means that you can specify the types of jobs you are looking for, and then people can contact you with job offers that match what you are looking for.

However, the downside of the site is that you have to pay per lead. While the price starts at $1.50 per lead, it increases based on a variety of factors.

Like the other sites above, is another freelance website with a lot of job openings for you.

When you are hired, you can also chat with your clients and track the progress you have made on a project. All this with a simple interface that anyone can use.

One of the benefits of is that you can enter contests to earn extra money. It will also help your resume and profile stand out from other clients.

The platform takes only 10% of earnings for commission.


All in all, it has been just a drop in the ocean when it comes to freelance websites. There are many more, with their pros and cons. But the ones listed above are some of the most popular and easy to use websites on the internet for aspiring freelancers.


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