How to Increase Sales on Etsy: 12 Easy Steps

How to Boost Sales on Etsy

Etsy is the leading handicrafts platform with over Gross sales are $10.48 billion. only in 2020 can it become an ideal platform for businesses looking to increase their numbers.

However, if you’re already using the platform but aren’t selling enough, here are 12 easy steps you can take to improve your sales performance.

No matter what your business is – from jewelry to homewares – these tips will help you sell more products online. So let’s dive right in!

How to Increase Sales on Etsy – 12 Practical Ways to Increase Sales

Use SEO to Rank Better on Etsy Search

There are millions of shops selling everything from jewelry to candles. No wonder it is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. However, you must do things differently to reach a wider audience and increase sales. This is where Etsy SEO comes into play. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Use keywords in your store titles, product descriptions, and tags to improve your Etsy search rankings and make your store easier to find. There are tools on the web like Etsyhunt or to find keywords that are relevant to your products.
  • Submit your store to popular directories such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. This will help you get more attention and attract potential buyers when someone is looking for what you are selling.
  • Make sure your listing images are optimized for Google Image Search (keywords in title and ALT tag) and have the correct file size (for faster loading).
  • Finally, social media sharing (Twitter, Facebook) and posting your products on blogs can be a great way to promote your Etsy shop and get inbound links. This signals to Etsy and other search engines that your products deserve people’s attention.

Write a high converting product description

When selling products on Etsy, it’s important to create highly converting product descriptions to capture the attention of buyers. Write in an engaging tone that will encourage them to click to see more information about the product(s).

Use powerful keywords to get potential buyers to make a purchase. When writing features, focus on how these features can benefit the customer.

For example, instead of mentioning that this lamp has a rustic look, say: how a rustic lamp can give your living space a contemporary look and wow your guests at the same time.

Take compelling product photos

When selling products on Etsy, it is very important to take good product photos that showcase your products creatively. It may be difficult, but you can achieve it with a little effort.

For example, think about how your product is different from the rest, and capture it in a photo. Try using natural light when taking photos to give them a more sophisticated look.

Also, try using different props and backgrounds for each photo to help buyers visualize how the product will look in different settings.

Focus on products that don’t sell well

For some products, it may be difficult to increase sales on the platform. To increase your conversion rate and sales, try to focus your efforts on selling products that don’t convert well.

To do this, look where you are missing. If people aren’t showing up on the listings, that means SEO needs work, so find and add new keywords.

On the other hand, if people visit but don’t convert, you need to improve your images and description text. Last but not least, check your prices and make sure they are fair for the product and shipping costs.

Use Paid Etsy Ads

Using etsy advertising, you will be able to reach a large and interested audience of potential buyers. You can target your ads to specific markets and demographics.

Be sure to regularly measure the results of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary.

Use email marketing

Email marketing allows you to connect more personally with your current and potential customers. To do this, set up automatic emails that send out updates about new products, sales, or special offers.

This way, your customers will be up to date with the latest happenings on Etsy and make it easier for you to sell!

Run a sale on Etsy

Running sales on Etsy is a great way to increase sales and attract new customers. You can hold a sale by visiting a store manager on Etsy. Once your sale starts, you can do the following to make the most of it:

  • Select the start and end dates for the sale. Make sure the sale fits in with your store’s schedule and that it’s ready when potential buyers show up.
  • Use Etsy Coupon Codes to Boost Your Profits Even More!
  • Promote sales through social media, email marketing, and word of mouth.
  • Step outside the store and tell your friends and family about the sale! Word of mouth will reach a much wider audience than
  • By going to Store Management > Marketing > Sales & Discounts > Automatically Send Offers to Interested Buyers, you authorize Etsy to send promotional codes to interested buyers, ensuring you get sales from those who have recently liked or abandoned your product. baskets.

Create a set of products

Etsy is a great place to sell products online, but it takes some effort to get started. A good way to increase sales and order size is to combine products.

This allows shoppers to easily find what they are looking for in one place, adding an extra layer of convenience.

In addition, you can pair products that don’t sell well with those that sell like hot cakes to increase the popularity of unpopular products.

Use Coupon Codes to Reward Loyal Customers

Giving your customers a chance to save on their next purchase is great for increasing sales. One way to do this is to add coupons to the product packaging when shipping to the customer.

So they will be forced to shop again. You can tell them that the coupon will expire in 2-3 weeks to make sure they shop again soon.

Benefit from product shortage (only 5 products left)

When selling on Etsy, creating a scarcity is one of the best ways to increase sales. By listing the quantity in brackets next to each product description, you will give your customers a sense of urgency and motivate them to buy your product quickly.

Use social media to promote

Use social media to promote your store and reach a wider audience. Use graphics and other visual effects to draw attention to specific products.

Pinterest is especially effective for this, as there are a huge number of art and craft lovers out there. So be sure to use Canva to create beautiful Pins featuring your products and upload them to Pinterest daily.

You can also share photos of your work on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, chat with clients, and answer questions in the comments section.

Also, launch your products, showcase them, tell customers how they can improve their decor, etc. Using social media correctly will put you on your way to success on Etsy!

Write a blog for external traffic

To get consistent traffic to your store, increase sales, and make your business more successful, consider starting a blog and promoting your products through it.

By writing regularly and providing valuable content, you can help turn potential clients into loyal fans of your work.

In turn, this will attract the attention of potential buyers who might otherwise not know about your store.

parting word

In the end, all you need is a clear vision and purpose. Before you start selling your products on Etsy, make sure you have everything you need, like the right professional design, the right sales copywriting, and an easy-to-navigate website. Once this tactic is in place, it’s time to start promoting your sales and see how they fared!


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