Is Shopify’s Best Ecommerce Platform? Shopify pros and cons

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Shopify Review Updated: Is Shopify’s Best Ecommerce Platform? Shopify pros and cons

Read the real Shopify review of cost, features, SEO, security and more to get a quick idea!

Many are best suited for companies that start an e-commerce platform online shop for us. The short answer gives you all the features you need for Shopify Stay tuned for more information Shopify review below…

Shopify is full of tools to launch your site in minutes and you don’t have to worry about self-hosting or buying a third-party domain name. In that sense, it’s the perfect basic solution. Built-in pricing is perfect for small first-tier stores, as well as stores with millions of dollars in revenue.

You can find my full review below. Check out the review comment area of ​​the Shopify readers above .

No time to read? Here is a short summary. Shopify should provide Why is it the platform you should use to start your e-commerce business?

⭐ Shopify review summary:
Shopify Reviews

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the Shopify web. It is also the easiest to use, providing all the features you need.

As soon as you sign up, you have access to the full set of tools you need to sign up and manage your e-commerce website . You can customize your Shopify design, create product catalogs, set prices, payment methods, taxes, and add additional features through installable extensions.

With Shopify, you can sell everything you want, including real products/deliverables, digital products, services, and even set up shipping operations.

Shopify’s most popular payment plan is $29 per month. And there is a 14-day free trial. .

Shopify review: what are the pros and cons?

Click pros and cons:

What are the advantages of Shopify? 👍

  • Shopify is very easy to use and does not require any user skill.
  • Shopify prepare anything you can throw at it . You can sell shipable goods, digital products, services, and more.
  • Shopify offers a variety of store designs . All look modern and beautiful and are optimized to maximize sales.
  • Selling products on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest just means you can sell them at an affordable price Shopify’s Light Plan $9/month .
  • You can sell your product through several channels as well as online stores. Shopify can even integrate the system into existing offline stores.
  • Shopify is fully hosted. No need to worry about server related issues or maintenance at all.
  • There is 24/7 customer support.
  • Shopify offers mobile apps for iOS and Android – you can manage your shop on the go.
  • No transaction fees when used Shopify Payment – Shopify own payment processing module.
  • There are more than 2000 apps and plugins available in the Shopify App Store. This means you can integrate with Shopify with numerous third-party services and add new features at the click of a button.
  • Shopify scales very well and will be able to handle it regardless of the scale of the shop .
  • A great inventory maintenance module when selling shipable goods.
  • Good drop shipping if you want to .
  • There is a 14-day free trial.

What are the disadvantages of Shopify? 👎

  • To allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for your products, you have to pay extra through extensions.
  • You have no control over your store. The store is hosted on a server owned by Shopify . That is, it may be possible if you decide to stop the store at any time. If you do not violate the license agreement, it may not occur.
  • Professional reporting is only available in upper tiers Shopify plans .
  • If not in use, there is an additional payment processing fee than the standard credit card processing fee. Shopify’s own payment module .
  • Even if a blog module exists, it doesn’t have the most familiar user interface, so it can be difficult to write great blog content regularly.


Characteristic Ease of use price Templates and designs List SEO and marketing payment security Customer Support
  1. Shopify logo

Answers to ShopifyCOVID-19 pandemic

This is a complicated time for all business owners. However, you don’t have to wait for the pandemic to end before you build your presence online.

Shopify, one of the leading suppliers of e-commerce technology, has implemented a variety of strategies to support SMEs in the coming months. .

For example :

  • Digital and real gift cards are available for both Shopify plans : This means that customers can continue to support without buying real products.
  • Small business financing is available in the US: $20 billion if you live in the United States Shopify Now small businesses can capitalize.
  • Community support and live webinars are supported. : You can access multiple virtual meetings with other members. Community for help with Shopify growth.

Shopify Review: Table of Contents

Shopify Review: Why Choose Shopify? How Shopify Work? 🤔

Shopify Review-Dashboard

Shopify was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke (CEO of the Year Canada), Scott Lake and Daniel Weinand.

Since launch, the platform has grown rapidly from small players to one of the following: Before, a ) BigCommerce , Violence , Magento or WooCommerce with the best e-comerce solutions .

The company currently powers more than 1,000,000 online retailers (month XNUMX 2019).

Obviously there is a reason Shopify has grown into popularity and has maintained its position in the market for more than XNUMX years.

Perhaps the main advantage is the great balance between ease of use and functionality of Shopify.

On the one hand, Shopify is incredibly friendly, even before a novice e-commerce store has not operated. On the other hand, it gives you all the features you need for business owners. Also, you don’t have to take web development or coding classes.

In other words, advanced users have access to CSS and HTML files, and their upgrade Shopify plans offer more powerful features as your store grows.

Overall beautifully constructed. E-commerce platform There are many themes that look modern and stylish, but if you want something that is simple and minimal.

If you have any questions, the notable brands you use include Shopify : General Electric, Amnesty International, Tesla Motors, Britannica Encyclopedia, Fu Fighters, GitHub and many , many , many more .

📹 This video review was created by Shopify colleague Joe.

Shopify video review:
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Shopify Review: Shopify price description 💰

At the beginning of Shopify, the price can be a bit confusing .

The main thing to know is that there are two components added to the final component Shopify statement:

  1. On commission the Shopify system itself.
  2. Fees that are part of the payment processing revenue.

To make it more clear, we can use Shopify fee calculator, which can be used to calculate the exact amount to spend each month based on revenue.

But before you calculate, consider the following factors.

Four major Shopify plans:

The calculator has XNUMX main columns. Each column corresponds to a specific usage plan. Shopify. Each plan has its own characteristics and limitations, so there are price differences. The review discusses these plans in more detail. If you are not sure which one to choose, read below.

We assume an average order value of $50

Shopify XNUMX offers plans . Among the most popular Shopify new online store owners, the plan is Basic Shopify at $29/month . It includes all the features needed by new store owners and allows for reasonable growth before upgrading. Speaking of the upgrade, the next plan is simply ” Shopify – – $79/month provides a great platform for business growth and expansion.

Also, before you do anything you have the chance to try a free trial of 14 days.

What is worth pointing out is not only the Shopify online store system but also the tools of the Shopify real brick and mortar premises or shops. Make Shopify Available POS (Point of Sale) A package Shopify scheme that allows you to quickly set up and add offline sales to the base. Having everything in one place can make your business a lot easier.

How Much Shopify Costs?

Here is a summary of Shopify plans currently available and the most important details about them:

Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite – $9 per month In this plan, you get a personal “buy” button that you can use in places like Shopify Facebook, Pinterest, other social media or your own website or blog.

What are you? Don’t get it, but it’s an online store feature. It’s rather important, so I’ll emphasize it again. + Shopify Lite, you don’t actually get an online store – just a buy button.

Due to the lack of this feature, this plan is not included in the calculator above.

Shopify Lite comes with POS integration, fraud analysis, manual order creation and shipping code. One employee account is provided. The credit card fee is 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Here ‘s our review of Shopify Lite plans specifically.

Basic Shopify

Basic Sopify – $29 per month. Comes with a full featured online store module. Credit card processing is 2.9% + 30¢.

24/7 support, fraud analysis, manual order creation, discount codes, website and blog modules, and free SSL certificates are provided. Two employee accounts are provided.

Shopify Pro

Shopify – $79 per month. Everything from the previous plan was included. The credit card fee is slightly lower at 2.6% + 30¢.

Gift cards can be issued, and professional reports and shopping cart recovery have been discontinued. XNUMX employee accounts are provided.

Advanced Shopify

Advanced Shopify – $299 per month. Everything from the previous plan was included. The credit card fee is 2.4% + 30¢.

Advanced report writer and real-time carrier delivery are provided. 15 employee accounts are provided.

Shopify more

Shopify more – starts at $2,000 per month. This is Shopify’s enterprise plan, and as you might imagine, it’s not what most business owners need to think of starting. Save Shopify. The credit card fee is 2.15% + 30¢.

Shopify Plus offers advanced enterprise features that we’ll briefly focus on in this part. Shopify review.

All plans allow for unlimited products, unlimited file storage, shipping label printing, and retail packages if needed.

Shopify Review: General Shopify features available in all plans 🧰

I have to admit that in the past quite a lot of eCommerce platforms have been tested. Shopify has the most thoughtful feature set I have ever met. Almost everything you need to run your own online store is treated as a unique feature.

First, I’ll explain the general features that come with every feature. Shopify Learn more about the unique features offered by each plan.

What are the most important features of Shopify?

If you spend a lot of time exploring, check out Shopify reviews or top rankings CRM online website creators have many features that Shopify will offer.

The question is what is the most important thing to note?

We tested our software directly to provide a list of the most important components from our major reviews of Shopify Online major companies behind ours . Shopify:

  • Abandoned cart recovery : Currently, the average dropout rate for online shopping carts is about 68.81%. This is 10 people per 7 people buy nothing and leave the store. Fortunately, you can give up shopping cart recovery by providing Shopify automatic shopping cart trigger and other tools.
  • Automatic shipping calculation : Would you like to ship the product to customers all over the world? Don’t worry about calculating complex shipping costs. Shopify try for you! Real-time carrier transport services calculate the exact shipping cost for a particular product based on weight and customer location.
  • Shopify POS : You can make your payment Storeify online or offline thanks to Shopify ShopifyPOS system. Read us Shopify POS Review for more information.
  • Customer Profile : Always get the best information about your target customers with custom user profiles. Ideal for categorizing marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Easy Discount Code : Increase your profits with sales and discounts. Shopify offers a fantastic “bulk discount” solution to generate discount codes for free shipping, percentage and dollar amounts.
  • Social Media Integration : Facebook’s e-commerce website via the Shopify “Shop” tab if you have a large social following. Allow people to buy directly from you without visiting your site.
  • Let’s Help Shopify Fulfillment Services : Offer Shopify dropship solutions So you can avoid the time consuming aspects of running your store, such as shipping, packaging and handling.
  • Shopify Experts : As we mentioned elsewhere, access our experts for additional instructions and support for Shopify design, programming, marketing, and more. This way you can always make the most of your online store.

It also has hundreds of professional themes, a full blog platform, unique domain names and SSL certificates, 70 payment gateways to choose from, marketing and SEO support, and more to excite you if all the features aren’t.

Main Advantages of Shopify Features

This is:

If you are planning to run a store in an online or offline environment, there is something for everyone.

The reason is that to implement these powerful features of Shopify, the tools are built-in or can be installed via the app.

For example, tax and shipping costs interact with Shopify. However, for many themes, you still need to find a free app for social media buttons. Both options work and you don’t have to pay extra when choosing an app.

Shopify Review-Shipping

The company has one of the most complete dashboards or control panels I have ever seen . Everything from order processing to inventory management is easy to understand.

The platform also allows shopify partner developers to play together, so you don’t have to open a free trial every time on a new website . It’s like a sandbox interface.

Install new themes, customize the entire website , and get a commission for Shopify partner websites as well as the launched site, as well as for every customer who joins the Shopify .

shopify review-Partner

Moving forward, the report of Shopify is my favorite on all e-commerce platforms . It’s structured, clean and simple with options such as sales by billing address, sales by traffic referrer, and total sales by product title.

If you want to sell your product in a real retail environment, you can choose: Shopify POS . This includes everything you need to sell products offline in terms of software and hardware. The software includes an iPad app, making it much easier to sell products in retail stores.

With this app, you can instantly swipe your customer’s card using a credit card reader. You can also purchase additional hardware from companies such as cash registers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners.

In addition, the Shopify mobile app offers users what they can:

  • Respond to in-app direct payment declines
  • Review all inventory changes for products in the past 30 days
  • Fulfill an item

Shopify also offers one of the largest app stores of all e-commerce solutions; We offer hundreds of free and paid apps that enhance your store (most paid apps ask you to pay a monthly fee). They are divided into different categories: Marketing, sales, social media, transportation, and customer service.

Thanks to their powerful content management system (CMS) customers can create additional pages as well as easily accessible pages.

Moreover, Shopify everything is handled in a single dashboard, making it very easy to run your own blog.

The whole Shopify feature set is difficult to cover in a single section, but it is worth mentioning. Each theme available in the Shopify theme store responds to mobile support checkout.

And, the site automatically adjusts to the customer’s screen size, whether it’s through a responsive checkout, that is, via a tablet or smartphone. The company has made the built-in feature almost perfect, with direct Facebook and Pinterest integration, gift cards, discount codes and appropriate customer profiles.

In general, if you need a feature that is only in the App Store, you can test it at any time, and if it doesn’t work on your website, you can go to another option.

Shopify Review: Inventory Management Features

Inventory management is an important part of store operations. Shopify also covered this area. When you’re ready to add inventory to your store, just click on the Products tab in the sidebar of your dashboard. This will automatically move to the next page.

Shopify Review-Inventory

As you can see in the image above, everything can be customized from product title to description and price. You can also provide each product with its own SKU and barcode.

In this area, transfers, inventory, collections and gift cards are also tabbed. I like it because the Inventory tab consists of a neat, easy-to-manage list of all items in the store. On the product page, there are several options, such as SEO, shipping, and images displayed to users when they visit this product page.

In addition, Shopify now offers an embedded Oberon integrated Dropshipping if you want to go .

Shopify Review: SEO and marketing features

If you have an amazing store but customers can’t find it, you will be very disappointed with the sales figures. Great features for both Shopify SEO and marketing. Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features make it easy to find your site on all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The cool thing is that even if your SEO settings are automated, you can go to each product page and customize your own target keywords, URLs, etc.

If you want to further customize your store, the interface provides customizable headers, titles and meta tags. Also, all URLs are SEO friendly. Shopify sometimes partnered with Google to provide your advertising is no money for a new AdWords account. I’m definitely not based on the decision as to which e-commerce platform gives Google money to advertise, but I think it’s a good bonus.

Gift cards are very easy to use and you don’t need to find third-party apps for better gift card functionality. .

Shopify Review-SEO & Marketing

It depends on your payment plan, but once everything is activated, you can redeem your gift card code in the payment area.

Shopify Review-Discount Code

To strengthen marketing, we created a discount code coupon generator to promote our products on Shopify’s various social networks.

Twitter, Facebook and Clip your marketing game along with sales options Shopify. Introduced the product tag on Shopify Instagram, you can connect directly to the product page.

Finally, the email collection form is very simple. Definitely does the job and integrates with the main email options, but many e-commerce stores tend to find an app store to find more suitable add-ons.

Shopify payment

Traditionally, if you want, you must use a third party to accept payment . Payment processor like stripes , Paypal others that charge a certain fee or per transaction. Shopify has created its own payment processor Shopify Payments (powered by Stripe). If you decide to join this program, you will be charged all transaction fees.

Shopify Review-Payment

We previously covered credit card fees in the price area, but there are options to integrate with over 70 different payment gateways . These include credit card payments, Google Checkout , PayPal , and more.

All gateways have their own transaction fees . It can be a bit confusing, so you may be surprised at how much you have to pay before signing up, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself before signing up.

In other words, Shopify has one of the largest list of supported payment gateways. That doesn’t mean you use it all, but it gives you more opportunities around the world. It also gives you the opportunity to investigate the payment gateway to use for a particular business.

There are many reasons why people choose Shopify payments, but there are also obstacles. Let’s take a closer look below.

Advantages of Shopify Payments

  • Shopify Transaction Fees

    – Transaction fees are expected to incur when used, but Shopify payments, you do not have to pay an additional 0.5% -2% transaction fee for other payment methods.

  • Complete Shopify

    -Shopify payments are available immediately and you don’t need to integrate them separately into the store, so you can accept payments immediately.

  • Shopify Security

    -Payment Service Shopify detects very secure and fraudulent transactions. You have the option to add an authentication system by address and value to your payment system to make sure your payment is authentic.

  • Stored Customer Information

    – An E-commerce websites can store shipping and billing information later when customers visit you. When you come back again, the conversion rate will be higher because all the information already exists.

  • Shopify Fees

    -Transaction fees are lowered based on the volume of sales being generated.

Disadvantages of Shopify Payments

  • Refusal of payment

    – If a customer raises too much of a payment decline, Shopify may be able to withdraw funds from you or block a worse account.

  • Suspicious Activity

    – If suspicious activity is recorded in your account, you can get your Shopify payment back. This amount may be transferred and you may not receive money during the dispute.

  • Validity

    -Shopify payment options are only available in select countries, but are available in 15 countries worldwide (including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Singapore). You can view the complete list of countries here. In addition to general availability, the use of the service may be denied if the business determines that it is “high risk”. Shopify also reserves the right to terminate the service without prior notice.

Shopify Payment Cards

Shopify General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In 2018, on the XNUMX month, the GDPR came into force and new regulations were introduced regarding how companies should handle personal information from European customers.

This regulation has created problems for many businesses around the world. (1) The rules were not clear, and (2) the fines were extremely – up to 20 million Euros or 4% of global annual sales. In most businesses, such punishment means bankruptcy.

Shopify, however, is actually ready to do a fantastic job to protect users and customers. In short, at this point, every business needs to ensure that the tools required to operate Shopify are compliant.

Shopify GDPR

Specifically, put Shopify in place here:

  • They update the Terms of Service , Data Protection Addendum , how to explain Shopify European customer information processing
  • Updates to the Shopify Privacy Policy Clearly state the rights and data processing methods of individual actions
  • Information has been corrected regarding how cookies are stored on the storefront.
  • Created for free Privacy Policy Generator to add to the store
  • Change your marketing opt-in to save Shopify
  • Production 16 pages white paper approaches Shopify legal requirements for how
In addition, the app store interface has been updated to show which specific customer information is maintained by individual apps installed in the store.

We recommend that you speak with an attorney regarding Shopify data protection to know clearly how it affects your specific business .)

Shopify also found a way to ask individual customers to delete their details from all apps. This option is available in the area of ​​customer privacy. It looks like this.

Shopify vs mobile e-commerce

The good thing is that you can also manage a lot of tasks in the Shopify mobile app.

Some of the things you can do through the Shopify mobile app are:

  • Take and upload product photos
  • Edit product details such as price
  • Add products to the store
  • Fulfilling orders and providing refunds
  • Buy and print shipping labels
  • View conversion statistics
  • View real-time sales information and view real-time traffic
  • Get order notifications (see below)
  • Contact a team member
Shopify Mobile

This app is available for both iPhone and Android.

The fact that you can fulfill your order is a fantastic option for attending events or fairs. The Shopify app is also integrated with the following third-party marketplaces: Amazon , eBay, and Etsy, so users can effectively manage their sales and inventory across multiple platforms.

Shopify plans for each unique feature ⭐

Now let’s take a look at each Shopify plan and function is deeper ⤵️

Shopify Lite

Just $ September , Shopify Light is one of the most affordable options for those who want to sell online. However, the price is so low that it doesn’t actually offer a standalone online store website.

Simply put, the Shopify Light Plan proposal is:

  • Access permission Shopify interface Where to create new products and set details (price, description, color, size, etc.)
  • Buy button that can be placed outside the website anywhere on the web Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or anywhere else
  • Use Shopify’s system to process orders, manage sales, fulfill orders, and perform other tasks needed to sell products online
  • Use Shopify system to sell directly during events or on the go

Little Shopify

Shopify Lite embed products on your website

The way Shopify Lite works is that you can set the Shopify UI individual purchase button to create a product . You can then post it anywhere on the web using the corresponding buy button.

The posting part itself is done through simple code.

When setting the button, you can customize the button shape, size, color, images used together, etc. Then, when finished, Shopify will post to any website that gives you a snippet of code . Here is the code:

Buy button code

With this code, you can display the picture, price and description of the product. There is no limit on a single product, you can add as many products as you like.

If you already have a blog website like WordPress, Shopify Lite can display your product on that site.

Also, if you want to use the Buy button on social media platforms like Facebook, a special built-in code is provided. as it were:

Shopify Lite for sale on Facebook

If you already have good news on Facebook and are not interested in creating a separate online store, Shopify Lite is a great option for you.

This tool is easy to use. You can quickly create a new purchase button and use it on your Facebook page.

Post messages to Shopify Facebook Messenger by also allowing you to chat with your customers (Sales channel). Customers can also purchase products directly from the chat window.

Live chat is especially effective when selling to young demographics. Data represents. 24% of 71-16 year old shoppers demand quick response via live chat/messenger app when shopping.

Shopify review-Facebook and shopify

Digital Product Sales Shopify Lite

Many cool things about one Shopify It is that you can do besides selling digital products . Think of e-books, audiobooks, guides, courses, media files, and more.

You can do it Shopify Lite. You can set up a digital product in the same way you set up a regular product, and then get the buy button.

Digital merchandise sales are usually Shopify’s own digital download apps , and there are also fantastic third-party providers that you can use instead. These include Fetch , Send Owl and Sky Pilot .

But here it is worth mentioning that you can not. Digital product sales revealed on Facebook.

Light for use Shopify inventory management

As mentioned earlier, if you are selling merchandise in a Shopify Lite real store, you can handle payments and manage inventory.

With Shopify Lite, Shopify is a managed area where you can create orders manually when needed . Credit card payments are also available and Shopify inventory is automatically updated.

Other Things You Should Know About Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is the only plan not to provide customer support over the phone. What you get is email and live chat support.

You can see Dropshipping Shopify Lite plan . To get started, you need to install a third party app from: Shopify App Store . The most popular Shopify dropship apps are Obero (read us Obelo review ), Printful (read us Printful review ) and Spocket (read us Spocket review ).

Is Shopify Lite suitable for me?

Shopify Lite is ideal for the following companies.

  • If you want to add e-commerce to a blog or website that already exists
  • I want to sell on Facebook
  • Satisfied with live chat and email support.
  • You need a backend system to manage your inventory and payments
  • Tools integrated with Shopify offline store activities that want to see how
  • I want to start with a very low budget

Basic Shopify

The next plan is to start planning a basic Shopify at $29 a month . Unlike the Shopify Lite plan , this allows you to create a standalone online store through the Shopify system.

Some basic Shopify features :

  • Two Shopify employee accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 24/7 phone, email and live chat support
  • Fraud analysis (detect your fraud) Shopify account)
  • Discount codes that can be provided to customers
  • Blog module
  • Abandoned shopping cart recovery (Leave more information, but contact visitors who have not completed the purchase)

Shopify Basic Plan

Default Shopify template

We’ll discuss the templates in detail in one of the following sections, but it’s worth quickly highlighting the features provided by each template. Shopify package .

If you use the basic package at the time of writing, you will get 10 free templates and over 50 paid templates .

The topics presented below are probably the most used on a site called Brooklyn. It’s very attractive, but it’s overused, so if you want to differentiate it from others, you might want to look at other options. Paid themes start at around $100 per piece.


Most of the free website templates offer:

  • Highlight header slideshow best products available
  • Dynamic product table that changes with the number of products displayed
  • A slide-out cart that allows visitors to add products to their cart without leaving the website

Basic Shopify: Blogging

Your Shopify built-in blog module is provided. It’s a great tool to help increase your prospects and generate more traffic , which can lead to more sales in e-commerce stores as a result.

Shopify blog post

You can use this module to post new posts, add images and other media, set tags, categories, and adjust SEO parameters for each post.

In other words, the functionality of the module is limited compared to the following solutions. WordPress -primarily intended for running blogs. Because it’s understandable, Shopify mainly focuses on online store components.

Default Shopify: Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned shopping cart recovery allows you to identify people who have added products to your shopping cart but have not completed their purchase. . This feature was only available on higher plans, but now the default user Shopify can use it.

You can send emails directly to those who abandoned your Shopify cart, or you can choose a more automated option. Shopify sends them for you.

You can then track the visitors who completed the purchase after receiving the abandoned cart email on the abandoned payment screen. Shopify.

This tool is a fantastic tool that can generate sales without additional marketing costs, and it is one of the main features. Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for many people. This feature is usually Shopify’s competition offered at this price point.

Shopify abandoned cart

Basic Shopify: Fraud Analysis

Fraud Analysis Identifies fraud in your Shopify account, which may lead to chargebacks or other issues.

It provides an indicator of whether a Shopify order can be a scam. Indicators may include:

  • AVS Check – Did your credit card pass this?
  • Did the customer provide the correct CVV code on the back of the card?
  • Is there any previous fraudulent activity on your order’s IP address?
  • Has the person who placed the order used more than one card?

Other things you need to know about the basics Shopify

Basic Shopify Limited was a point of sale ability. It’s a good idea to sell it directly in a popup or market, but if you want to use it , you can choose one of the following from the Shopify default store location: Shopify a higher level package.

Is the default Shopify suitable for me?

Basic Shopify is fantastic for the next seller.

  • No budget or start
  • I want to build a full featured online store website
  • I want to manage all my orders, sales and packages in one easy to use interface.
  • Ambitious to start blogging and build a community around the store
  • I want the ability to recover abandoned carts and generate additional sales that way.
  • 24/7 phone support value


Your next plan simply starts at Shopify Marketing at $79 per month .

This plan has all the features of the basic plan, but also includes:

  • Gift card
  • Professional reporting
  • Complete POS function
  • Low credit card fees and transaction fees

Shopify marketing

Shopify point of sale

On Shopify Plan, you get all the features of the Shopify POS system.

This allows you to access the following:

  • Register shift
  • Use of hardware including barcode scanners, receipt printers and shipping label printers
  • Pin employees to ensure that each member has a secure and unique login
  • Third-party software POS systems (including Shopify POS )
  • Possibility to configure up to XNUMX store locations

Shopify point of saleAnd, Shopify POS system is designed for intermittent sellers of pop-ups, events and fairs, as well as seasoned sellers with their own stores and multiple employees.

POS systems have many definition functions.

  • Payment – Instead of refunding customers with payment methods used by Shopify POS customers, you can provide store credits. Combined with the gift card feature, you can accept this card not only online, but also within the store.
  • Advanced Payment – Attach notes to your order and track special requests. Customize receipts to promote your brand, online store, opening hours and promotions. In addition, taxes are automatically calculated based on location.
  • Discounts -coupon codes created online can also be used in stores. Create a specific store discount and run a report to check your performance.
  • Shopify store management – View all past orders made online or offline that can be sorted by customer, product or date. Save accounting time by integrating Shopify POS System Quickbook or Zero .
  • Customer Care -Create customer information and analyze shopping habits, contact information and location. Collect email addresses to use for email marketing in stores.
  • Product Introduction -Track inventory on physical and online channels to get inventory. For retail stores , you can also offer all price and loyalty programs .
  • Hardware – Download Shopify POS App All hardware included on your Apple or Android device is free and has a 30 day return policy .
  • Analytics – View, analyze and export sales reports by location, specific employee or customer. Export a product report to see which products are sold and which are not.
  • Variable Contact Find a customer profile directly through the app in the mobile. Add products and take new product photos through the app.

Shopify Gift Card

Gift cards are suitable for large online businesses that are already recognized as a brand.

Customers can visit the e-commerce website to purchase gift cards for friends or family. Great for birthdays or holidays You can also issue gift cards as rewards to your customers.

Shopify Professional Reporting

Every time you report, Shopify users can access the main dashboard to get an overview of what’s going on in the store. In addition , with Shopify planning, you can access the following types of reports: :

  • Sales report
  • Profit report
  • Customer Report (7 of 5)

Shopify Professional Report

Other Things You Should Know About “Shopify” Plans

In addition, Shopify allows you to register up to XNUMX employee accounts, not XNUMX by default. Shopify plan.

Is Shopify the right plan for me?

And, Shopify Marketing is the right choice for the next seller.

  • You expect to start getting bulk sales, or
  • I would like to redeem the gift card and discount code.
  • We need more in-depth reporting of our customers’ buying habits and profits
  • There are physical store locations or two

Advanced Shopify

The next plan is $299 per month in the Advanced Shopify Plan .

You get all the features available in the main “Shopify” plan plus:

  • Set up to 15 employee accounts
  • Advanced report authoring
  • Third-party calculated shipping
  • Up to XNUMX store locations in POS module
  • Low transaction fees and credit card processing fees

Go shopping

Create advanced Shopify reports

The advanced report creator of Shopify allows you to create custom reports and then customize them.

You can first select the type of report you want to set, then edit and filter the columns within that report. You can also share it with your team members.

Shopify Review-Custom Report

Then all custom reports are saved in the report section. Shopify provides easy access to your dashboard at any time.

Advanced Shopify Third Party Calculated Shipping Fee

This feature allows you to apply the calculated shipping cost at the time of calculation using the carrier account.

There are also discount shipping labels provided by USPS or Canada Post.

You can access shipping rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS and Canada Post. Within the transportation management area, you can add a percentage increase to the calculated price to cover the cost of packaging.

You can decide which specific carrier service you want to offer, such as Expedited Parcel, Priority and XpressPost.

Is Advanced Shopify the right plan for me?

And, advanced Shopify plans are very suitable for the following sellers.

  • Handling many online transactions
  • You need advanced reporting with particular emphasis on business factors such as profit and loss.
  • Shipping products using shipping companies and wanting discounted rates
  • A team of more people runs an online store
  • More store locations

Shopify more

Finally, Shopify is more of a Shopify enterprise solution for large companies.

Shopify Plus is a bit separate Shopify’s main offerings-can’t be found on the base pricing page and focuses on the original challenges that big companies struggle with. These challenges address issues such as security, quality of implementation, and API integration.

Shopify plus

The price of Shopify can be negotiated on a customer-by-customer basis without further being set according to business needs. Typically, prices start at around $1,500 – 2,000 per month.

A dedicated account manager is provided to assist in the onboarding process, as well as provide account management and support throughout the trip.

Shopify multi-channel sales

Shopify can integrate more than 20 channels within enterprise dashboards including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Amazon, eBay and more.

In addition, customers have access to over 100 payment providers, which helps to generate more sales as no one is left.

Shopify Plus Scalability

If sales volume surges at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday or the year-end and New Year holidays, Shopify can also handle traffic that generates a lot of traffic.

Shopify handles more than 10,000 transactions per minute and has 99.98% uptime on startup.

Shopify Plus Integration

If you have your own custom app solution or want one of the solutions you want, Shopify’s technology partners can help you realize your ideas and Shopify can also help. There are more than 1,500 professionally crafted apps and plugins.

Is Shopify Plus for me?

Shopify Plus is for enterprise businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Very large sales
  • Bespoke CRM system need Shopify about it
  • If you want to automate your team’s workflow
  • Maximum sales period and guaranteed uptime and security
  • I want an account manager to talk to whenever I need it

Ultimately, Shopify also doesn’t mean many users will have to struggle. Three main plans – Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify – will be more suitable for 99% of users.

Check out the full guide to learn more about this. Shopify price .

Shopify Review: ease of use 😌

So how threatening to enter is? Start working for Shopify first?

The answer is not to threaten at all.

In fact, Shopify is one of the easiest ways to use an e-commerce platform, especially if you are a business starting an e-commerce adventure.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll see a user-friendly dashboard, and you can do all the major steps you need to build your store and deliver it to the public.

In 2017, we checked the Shopify backend as of the XNUMX month and provided a new color scheme. This was done to improve the user experience by introducing more contrast to the UI.

To shop

In addition to colors and fonts, the Shopify dashboard adds a striking new search bar to quickly enter keywords and find what you want without much thought.

For example, you may want to find a specific product or customer. In this case, all you have to do is punch the right word. Shopify returns all matches – products, orders, customers, etc.

Shopify search bar

Adding products to the catalog is also very simple.

I have all the fields I need and everything is nicely laid out on the screen.

Add product to shopify

Setting up a new design in the store is similar. The template directory informs users of the niche, purpose, design style, and Shopify also the most popular templates. Then install the theme and you just need to click a few times. (See more Shopify templates in one of the sections below).

Shopify theme

Except for themes, you’ll want to write some of the main pages of the page yourself, such as the homepage or information page.

Shopify section in a simple way .

The visual editor provides various sections of content that can be inserted into the page. For example, you can place slideshows, buttons, and product slideshows at the top of that page.

Shopify section

It is done at the click of a button. You can then adjust the order of the sections by dragging and dropping them. It’s a relatively easy way to fully control the appearance and order of modules on a page. I like this feature for all experience levels, especially for beginners. .

Section adjustment

The same emotions are transferred to other areas of the platform. For example, when you’re ready to install a new app and expand your store, in most cases you can activate it with just a few clicks.

Shopify Review-App Store

In terms of pre-publishing , it gives you the opportunity to test before publishing your Shopify store, the live editor lets you see your changes immediately after adjusting your settings.

The company is struggling to make the interface the easiest in the industry. What’s interesting is that you’re still on a great line, as it’s a platform that can satisfy people with lots of coding experience.

I haven’t seen any problems with beginner or intermediate developers. Shopify . At the same time, most advanced developers will be fine after that. Shopify also comes with many features needed for this type of user.

Shopify Theme and Design 🎨

One local Shopify theme and design is really great. The company offers the most professional themes in the e-commerce platform. At the time of writing, there are 60 free themes and over 160 paid themes ($180-$XNUMX per piece).

Previously, there were more themes in the catalog, but I decided to delete old Shopify content and use only the latest content optimized for modern prospects and search engines.

In other words, each theme is not a “single theme”, but actually contains some styles. For example, the theme Icon has XNUMX styles that differ in how the elements on the page are displayed, as well as the color scheme.

Theme icon

Several collections and industries are highlighted. Shopify We are confident that you can find something that fits your business model.

Theme industry

Each theme has its own set of features and a common set of features you’ll see in every feature Shopify theme.

Theme features

You can also use the same theme to see a quick list of candidates from different stores.

Stores using themes

Finally, there are multiple user reviews for each theme, so you can always see what other people think about the theme and its strengths and weaknesses.

Theme review

Needless to say, all themes have full-featured demos, so you can review them fairly deeply before making a decision.

Would you like to sell the Shopify theme?

My main concern with e-commerce design is how quickly people can check out and go through the shopping cart process.

Shopify themes can also use additional tools such as XNUMX level and XNUMX level checkout social and guest checkout.

Once you’ve found the right theme, you can easily customize the look and feel to your liking by simply opening the template editor and editing the theme until it looks the way you want. On the other hand, the “ Shopify Section ” function is basically a rather simple drag-and-drop editor, which speeds up editing.

If you are confident in the above, you can edit it directly through HTML and CSS.

No one Shopify theme is Shopify brand . In fact, it will not be easy to find a trace of the brand in the Shopify online store. This is great for beginners and everyone who doesn’t want to advertise the technology behind the online store

Shopify review: security 🔐

When operating an e-commerce site, security must be taken very seriously . Eventually, you will process your customer’s credit card information, order details, own product details, and much more sensitive data.

Shopify know this and understand your responsibilities. Shopify systems are hosted on Level 1 PCI DSS compatible servers . In other words, your data and your data are always secure. Also, all plans (other than Lite) offer a 128-bit free SSL certificate at no extra cost.

pcify pci

Specifically, Shopify:

  • Secure network maintenance
  • Cardholder data protection
  • Maintain vulnerability management program
  • There are powerful means of access control
  • Network monitoring and testing
  • Maintain information security policy

Moreover, data security is very important for retailers, but many people are concerned about the availability of their stores all the time. For example, it was reported that on Prime Day, only 100 hours of downtime could result in Amazon’s revenue loss reaching up to XNUMX billions.

Shopify 99.98% Uptime Guarantee You can avoid the loss by not using the store. Moreover, you can safely back up your Shopify repository and then access that backup if needed.

Other security concerns include vulnerability management and access control. This allows you to specify who can access specific content in the store backend.

Overall, we are very focused on the security of Shopify and keep the work going on in the online security world always up to date and implement all best practices.

Shopify Review: Shopify App Store 🔌

App store shopify

Shopify has had their app store online now for more than XNUMX years.

There are more than 2000 apps in total, available in various shapes and sizes, and divided into useful categories.

Shopify app

You can find apps that help store marketing, apps for email, push notifications, SEO, access control, finance and more.

Also in 2018, Shopify shifts its focus to new types of machine learning algorithms, thus providing a more intuitive and immersive experience for today’s users. So, through the App Store, you can find specific tools that best fit your individual scenarios and business models. Is it convenient?

Originally, the App Store is a collection of premium and free applications designed to expand and enhance your functionality. Shopify shop.

What we liked the most when doing this review is the fact that Shopify’s app store doesn’t require you to use the tools you can find, even if you’re not a developer. Everything is plug and play.

That said, if you’re comfortable tinkering a website under the hood, you can buy Shopify App Merchant yourself and join thousands of other developers already on the market.

Provides additional resources for getting started with Shopify . High level overview of Shopify development space and Shopify Apis.

Shopify review: customer support 👐

shopify help

If you’re struggling to do something in an online store, it ‘s one of Shopify’s best customer support teams.

Regardless of which plan you choose, the company offers 24/7 customer support, which includes phone support (not a Lite plan) and chat and email support. Another great form of help provided by the Shopify user is to access the considerable support section directly through the website, including forums, tutorials and FAQs.

Overall, you can talk to experts or learn about the system yourself. Obviously, some people hate to wait for a call. Shopify support personnel, so we think the forums, courses and videos are enough to figure out most.

Shopify review: conclusion 🏁

Let’s answer the main question. Who is the Shopify e-commerce platform?

Works for Shopify beginner, intermediate and advanced users (users who want to speed up the development process by not spending a lot of time on coding or more complex processes).

In addition, business owners who want to introduce e-commerce components to their existing websites, especially products they want to sell, are digital products .

The good thing is that it’s really easy to get started with Shopify . Literally sign up and go through a few setup panels to get your store up and running.

What comes later is also user-friendly. Customize your design, add products, set payment details, and shopify app store.

We’re glad to recommend it to anyone who wants to sell Shopify online, plus a 14-day free trial is available so you don’t have to commit until you’re sure. Shopify will work for you.

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