A True Reality of Startup Business ideas

A True Reality of Startup Business ideas

Nowadays it is not uncommon to start a business with only their own capitalthat isown money.

Government funding supported several start-ups called fundscredit guarantee funds, including loansexternal investment, such as angels or venture capitaliststhere is and the support of an organization that helps the care and investment incubator and accelerator for businesses with external funds, not his money It is more common to proceedGo to meet these third partiespitching to announce a business plan in front of people Once the hearing is most commonly expressed ” There is no reality in the business  is said.

I’ve been worried for a long time, and prepared duffle few minutes to hear your presentation is not feasiblemad eccentric, andembarrassed, and accentuated infringement of the accused for nothingHowever, in the case of a business that listens to such criticism, it is often the case that there is no real realityIn this article, the ” reality of the business idea let’s think about .

1. Reality is not about the idea itself.

The so-called ‘Moonshot thinking’ Let the absurd idea called olryeotdago your left.

Suppose, for example, we will send people to Plutoor we will alleviate global warming by collecting all the greenhouse gasesor we will give free living expenses to all the poorI don’t know if this is enough to say that there is no reality, but even this idea doesn’t seem to be unreal in itself .

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Commissioning Mars manned exploration or collect marine littergreenhouse gas capture technology R & D that companies receive hundreds of one hundred million won investment over the companies is even called the idea itself is a science fiction class means.

2. The problem is yours and your preparation

Let’s say you are an investorA 20-year-old freshly graduated high school student wants to invest in a chicken house in the neighborhoodWhat would you tell ?

The domestic chicken house is two more than a millionSo the idea itself is not without reality In addition, there also is active neighborhood commercial areas, but also realistic problem Who is who it claimsis whether and how ready.

10 absurd stories motivation to send a manned spacecraft to Pluto, even within a yearif Steve Jobs ‘ bold plan ‘ will listen to spur called However, if ordinary people like us say this, they will be crazy .

Likewise , if a 20-year-old who has no social experience and no money saved sets up a chicken house, we will laugh at the reality .

But the twenty-year-old young man who is a cooking school and first since the chicken franchise as well learned to work around with the famous chicken house, chicken house and what if even the fact that the father Our attitude toward this friend will change .

Also, how many floating populations in the commercial area I think and how many residential areas and delivery areas in the background What if you were accurately calculating your rent deposit, right monthly rent and maintenance costs And if you can understand at a glance how much sales of existing franchises and independent chicken restaurants are different taste, service , and price policy are different and what areas customers are disappointed with We will listen more to this friend’s story .

In addition, if you understand the difference between a failed and a successful one of the existing chicken restaurants … your desire to invest will spring upThere is a special recipe developed by the research yourselfdanda also been tested in the field CustomerDuring the period of project preparation Chicken ‘ muk-bang,‘ We operate Youtube subscribers in the to say is more than twenty thousand peopleThen we will immediately consider how much to set the equity valuation. ( The average expected return of the chicken business is low, so it would be difficult to evaluate it greatly .)

3. How to understand the reality, not the ideasissues of preparation and whether

The idea is to tackle the reality of the fact that the idea is not its ownwill run on the idea and founder of experience and preparation of the founding team is.

If you don’t want to be told that there is no reality, you should be able to speak at least the elements below at an investor meeting or pitching.

△ I realized with my body what the customer’s real needs were. 

△ It is clear what attributes and products should be provided when the needs are specified. 

△ We know what capabilities and essential elements are necessary to implement products/services. 

△ Knows how to have or secure the resources to implement the competency and essential elements. 

△ The product/service is implemented at the minimum level and has data tested in various forms to customers. 

△I thought about the discrimination against the existing methods of satisfying the same needs of competitors, substitutes, or customers themselves, and I have the ability to put them into practice. 

△I have an upgrade plan for commercial sales, and a substantial portion of the plan has been verified. 

Recently one person that prepared the foundation for the marketing year close , ” we will proceed discriminatory marketing on Facebook, collect customers ‘ listening to the experience that can illuminate only as absurd The more you say this, the less credibility you have.


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