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Startup Student Competitions

What is the history of your company?

It’s a funny story. The four founders met by chance at the business incubator Business Lab, which is affiliated with the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. We are all passionate about competition and found that there was not a single good website for student competitions in the market. However, we didn’t have the programming or design skills to run the service. So we created a crappy Drupal beta, moved to the Swedish version of Dragon’s Den, pitched the idea, and won our investment! We are now backed by a Swedish IT tycoon and billionaire who was one of the first to sell microcomputers to companies and was licensed to sell MS Windows.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

We are currently the only global student competition website in the world. AT , students can sign up for competitions in their field of study and find opportunities from all over the world that help them move forward in their career or personal development. On the other hand, we help companies and organizations get the most out of their competitions and maximize the impact and reach of competitions by offering an excellent marketing platform to targeted student groups.

How do you make money?

The service is completely free for students. However, we sell marketing packages to competition organizers and universities that want to reach the global crowd of talented students.

Future plans of the company?

Take over the world! Over the next few months, we will continue our expansion into the Indian and Chinese markets, as well as begin looking at the North American markets. We will continuously develop our offerings to students, universities, companies and organizations, and forge many global partnerships to cement our place as the undisputed leader in the world. 1 site for student competitions.

What was the starting budget?

We received approximately $100,000 in seed funding through participation in Dragon’s Den. This money was enough to create a website and properly promote it.

Names and ages of the founders

Gustav Borgefalk 26, Niklas Jungegaard 27, Robert Ljungman 26, Zhu Chu 26

Where can people find company?


Help student competitions by answering their questions!

The main task now is to answer the question “what do we sell, to whom and at what price”. We are trying to define the products we offer and trying to compare them with similar services. However, there aren’t many similar services, so we experimented a bit with our business model to see what works. Second, we ask ourselves how we can reach the largest number of students at the lowest cost. Thirdly, this is a luxury problem, but we need to understand what problems we will face now that we are growing so fast. Organizational capabilities have to keep up with our pace, and we all hate to slow down to deal with “boring” things.


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