What You Can do to Lift Tired Spaces in Your Home

Often your home can end up looking tired and worn out very quickly (especially if it is a busy home). Improving the look and feel of your home, and aesthetically improving spaces will make them feel better, and make them more enjoyable to use too. Of course, before you start tearing rooms to pieces, you want to look at what areas you should be focusing on first. It is important to realize that not everything within a room or space will need to be changed.

Renovate and Upcycle

So, to begin with, start with the room, or space that you think is the worst. Start by taking a good look at the space, and ask yourself – what can be improved within this space, and what needs to be removed. For example, lots of pieces of furniture can be upcycled and made to look as good as new. When you can establish what can be upcycled and renovated, you can then begin to establish what other areas you should be focusing on and prioritizing. Upcycling and renovating existing pieces of furniture will save you money and will mean that you have a larger budget to spend on other things such as window dressings, statement pieces and even rugs.

Focus on Window Dressings

The windows within a space or room shape how that area looks and feels. If your windows are not looking their best then ultimately they will let the whole area down. Replacing old window units, and even dressing up windows using window shutters in Orange County will make a huge impact on the look and feel of a room or space. Lifting a room by focusing on the window should be one of your top priorities, simply because it can be one of the first places to let your room down.

Use Bright and Light Colors

Tired looking spaces are often let down by drab and dreary color schemes. Dark colors can bring a room or space down and leave it feeling dark and claustrophobic. Focusing on using, and incorporating brighter, and lighter colors is important because these will make any space feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming. When you use lighter colors you give yourself more room to play with the accessories and finishing touches that you will want to add.

Focus on Textures

Tired spaces are often bland. To take away these bland feelings, you have to focus on the textures used. When you use a variety of textures you can break up a space, and make it feel cozy and comfortable. When it comes to focusing on textures, do not be afraid to use everything from silk to satin, to knitted pieces to help bring a space up to date.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Dated and tired spaces are often simple to look at, and this is not always what you want. Taking a leap of faith then mixing and matching everything from themes to furniture styles, to colors, textures and fabrics really can help you lift a space, and leave it feeling warm, welcoming and loved.

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