The Kraket – A Network For Young People in the Technology Industry


The Kraket is a professional network for young people in the technology industry. The organization was founded in 2010 with 350 members. Today, it has more than 1100 members. While it was not as professional in the past, the organization has evolved into a highly professional organization. Career events are often organized for students, including Inhouse-days, case days, and business tours. The business-relationship committee keeps in touch with companies to provide networking opportunities for future students.

The Kraket room is a crucial place for students to get to know each other. In the Kraket Room, Tristan answers questions about the games he’s been playing. Some of the games he mentioned include Pickomino, Regenwormen, Perudo, The Great Dalmuti, and Halli Galli. Among other games, Kraket is responsible for ensuring that students learn all the ins and outs of the board before joining the club.

Kraket Organized Study Trips

Besides hosting these events, Kraket also organizes study trips abroad. Students have the opportunity to visit different universities and companies to learn about their operations. They can also enjoy sightseeing in different cities. Previous study trips have included Madrid, Lisbon, Atlanta, and Hong Kong. And they have even held casedays in Dubai and Hong Kong. Whether they are studying, networking, or just exploring, Kraket is the perfect place for aspiring businessmen.

Kraket Social Events

The Kraket is very active and is known for holding many social and formal events. The students can participate in events like the LED (National Econometricians Day), and the annual St. Nicholas drink. The group also organizes large study trips once in every two years. In the last two years, the students of Kraket have visited universities and companies in Turkey and the Netherlands. These trips have helped them to meet the business community and learn from its employees.

Kraket Magazine

In addition to these, the Kraket also publishes a magazine, SECTOR, twice a year. It features articles about companies and karting events. Initially, the class used lighter grey, but this changed in its second appearance. The first two appearances were a bit rough on Sina, but she has grown to appreciate Kraket. The website was updated in June 2016 and is updated regularly. The magazine is free to download.

Kraket Activities

There are many activities and events for students in Kraket. Each year, the organization holds a weekend event on a secret location, which is only known to the participants. The group also organizes a big study trip to Turkey every two years. The study trip has included visiting the Dutch consulate in Istanbul and the Turkish Central Bank. It also hosts the LED (National Econometricians Day) event. This weekend is one of the most important social events for Kraket, and it will give the participants a chance to meet the newest business leaders in the region.

In addition to these activities, Kraket also hosts formal events to connect students and businesses. The annual Caseday, Diversity and Development Day, and LED (National Econometricians Day) all are celebrated. There are also study trips to other cities that are not in the US, such as the United Kingdom. These trips include visits to different companies, universities, and explore cities. In the past, these trips have included Madrid, Lisbon, and New York.

The yearly constitution party and a karting event are two popular social events in Kraket. The new board is presented at the constitution drink, which is a rough night for Sina. There are many other events throughout the year. Aside from caseday and internet committee, the group also has several committees. These committees organize yearly parties, such as the gala, which is the annual dinner for the board of directors.

The Kraket is a network of students and companies, which brings together the students and business worlds. It also publishes the SECTOR magazine, which features articles about different companies. It is also an excellent place to meet other graduates in the industry. In addition to that, the Kraket hosts formal events such as LED (National Econometricians Day) and Caseday. Its annual meetings are organized in two-way and are held in Brussels.

Kraket Member of Night of Rage

Kraket is also a member of the Night of Rage, a revolutionary group of trolls. The members of the Night of Rage direct their frustration into productive ways, aiming to destroy their enemies. The characters of the Night of rage are often aggressive, cartoonish characters who try to achieve their goals. The main character of the group, Kraket, leads the trolls by trolls. Moreover, the trolls consider their actions as a means to exact revenge against their enemies.

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