A Quick Guide on Proctoring Services

Proctoring Services

In the world of academics, it is no more a secret that online education is rising hastily. As per Babson survey research, 6.7 million students surpassed at least one online course in higher education.

No pandemic, no other worse situation can stop students from education. It is necessary. It is essential. Either online or offline, it has become a necessity to learn. It would be best if you remembered to develop. Education has become the key to success. To be successful, you need to know.

Who is a Proctor?

Proctor is the person that supervises someone taking an exam. The same is the work of an online proctor. A live proctor is responsible for monitoring the person from a distant location.

Today, most students feel comfortable taking the exam on either a computer or laptop or any other digital gadget with internet access. The role of the proctor is to watch them from another digital device through an online camera.

With the help of a camera or a webcam and a reliable speed internet connection, you can easily take the exam anywhere.

Undoubtedly, online learning has promptly changed the educations landscape.

Proctoring plays a crucial role in safeguarding the quality of the online program. It authenticates the students’ identities willing for online learning by ensuring no cheating and raising the concern for assessing the performance of students effectively and efficiently.

Live Online Proctoring

As online cheating is a critical issue for many educators, significantly, it had affected mainly the performance criteria. In that case, Online Proctoring services have helped the students by deterring cheating. It is not that live proctoring is a perfect solution, but it can be a way to stop the problems occurring while learning online.

Advantages of Live Proctoring Services

Live tracking systems essentially provide the students with an online observation unit during the online assessments. The students will see students and communicate in the chat window since they use webcams during their studies. Let us now explain why it is essential and how online examinations will gain.

When carrying out the online tests reasonably, students must ensure that they do not use any machine lapses to exploit the outcome of the examinations. To this end, you need to consider how students attempt to cheat during online tests. The most popular trick is to apply for the test on behalf of the original applicant, a candidate who is an expert in this subject. This can quickly be solved if a live monitoring device is available. Now let us review this system’s different advantages.

There are several pros of live online proctoring. Some of them are-

  • It played a significant role in increasing the confidence of faculty in conducting online testing and had much helped the administrator de-stress about the smooth running of testing.
  • When a student sits down at a device to take the exam with a live proctor, they are overseen by someone. Their behavior, actions, expressions everything is seen. If the student tries to act differently or dishonestly, for example- trying to talk to someone in the room or by reading the questions loudly, then, in that case, a live proctor can easily catch the dishonest behavior of the student and can immediately connect to the student and remind them about the rules of sitting in the exam. They can help them to complete their exam with integrity and sincerity. Also, if there is any miscommunication, the invigilator can sort out the problem and resumes the remaining test. In this way, live proctoring sessions lead to better exam experiences.
  • In a live online proctoring scene, students and proctor both are at their places without any human touch. They are connected and are seen through camera technology. Live proctoring satisfies everyone because it gives reliable results by proper judgment throughout the test process. Since the conduction of the test is done live, and proctor accurately sees the students’ behavior. Therefore, it provides accurate and desirable results for online testing.

How is proctoring of exams beneficial?

  • Many people favor live proctoring ideas because of the security provided in the live proctoring session. It results in successive key programming of the student at every step.
  • You can also benefit from live proctoring in the way it advances and refines the online learning process by hindering the opportunities to cheat.
  • Also, it enables the organization to exclude the need for the exam seating arrangement, which is a considerable burden on exam administrator. Mainly it had been proven beneficial for the remote areas of the world.
  • Live proctoring monitor the surrounding and troubleshoot the potential testing problem by authenticating the exam experience.
  • Live online proctoring does not bound the administration in the context of exams schedule timing; it makes them free to do the exam anytime as it does not involve any human involvement.
  • Amazingly! Live proctoring has led to reduced cheating and boosting of conveniences for proctor and students by making them more comfortable.
  • if live proctoring has pros, it has cons also. Some students do not feel comfortable in live online testing as someone oversees them.

Looking forward, as more and more organizations are bending towards online education. The need for proctoring will continue to increase. The Best part of live proctoring is that it maintains the integrity and sincerity of the exam appearing students. This live proctoring exam is scalable, cost-effective, and provides flexibility for today’s online learners’ hectic lives, making it more convenient.

The Bottom Line

Have you ever wondered about the potential of stopping someone from copying?
Indeed there is no more convenient and cost-effective than live proctoring, especially in the time of this pandemic.

Live proctoring had made our online world easier by stopping the students from the act of cheating. To effectively verify the validity and quality of an online program, it is essential to hire proctoring services. It is reliable to go through live online proctoring. It is suggested that live proctoring authenticates the identity of online students by providing efficient performance results. It is believed that in online education, the live proctoring strategy had played a vital and supreme role by providing comfortable and satisfactory results.

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