Driver Genius Book Review – Show You How To Get Past Difficult Situations

Driver Genius Review – A Book That Tries To Show You How To Get Past Difficult Situations

In his new book, Driver Genius, David Zatz keeps you coming back for more. From convincing your boss to let you buy the ticket instead of a cheap employee to turning a short sale into a five-figure profit, to driving off in an armoured car while filing a police report, David Zatz provides enough examples of real life and professional experiences to keep you engrossed in the story.

The first thing that makes Driver Genius different from other self-help books is its focus on turning situations into opportunities. Instead of teaching you to get over a difficult situation by ‘self-regulating’ and putting it behind you, David Zatz focuses on taking action and doing what needs to be done to resolve the conflict. After all, it’s not hard to get past a problem, after all.

However, this common thought is often false in everyday life. This book teaches us how to take control and overcome our difficulties in a much more effective manner.

For example, if Chris Carrey had written this book two decades ago, Chris would have been telling us how to survive situations where our knees or back were buckling under the pressure. But, he would also have recommended that we take some kind of medication, which would potentially put us in a vegetative state for weeks at a time.

In fact, he would have told us to sit down and think about what the right things to do were. So we could see the ‘impending catastrophe’ from the outside. It would have been so dramatic that we would have changed our routine and decided that it would be better to take some time off, then be in danger of getting hurt.

Driver Genius by David Zatz reverses this process. Instead of jumping on the opportunity, like Chris Carrey did with the car, we learn to take the opportunity. We know that failure in everyday life doesn’t happen for a reason – we’re not always sure why, but we understand that we aren’t going to make the same mistake.

What David Zatz stresses in Driver Genius is how to recognize when we need to take action. He talks about unconscious processes of thought that get set in place, and that can be triggered when we get faced with a difficult situation. So we need to be aware of them, and act upon them.

Chris Carrey made his fame for comedies such as Austin Powers, and License to Drive. And, in Driver Genius, he encourages us to take control of our own lives, for the better. Even if we don’t want to.

In Driver Genius, the events that Zatz describes are examples of how we are prone to fall into failure, when we don’t take control of situations where we’ve got to act. The problem here is that we start believing that we have to control the situation before we can take action. And that’s exactly how we fall into failure.

By the time we get to Chapter Five, we’ve learned to understand that by taking the initiative, we can move past our obstacles. And we can actually give ourselves permission to be in control. The author and his co-author, Robert Kennedy, have written a fantastic, inspirational and inspiring book.

In addition to learning how to take action, we learn how to focus on achieving our goals. We learn to focus on achieving our goals, instead of living with our shortcomings, fears and weaknesses. And, when we act in this way, we end up with tangible success, which is infinitely more satisfying than living with a whim, a dream, or a wish.

Driver Genius is a great read, because it encourages us to be more successful in everyday life. It reminds us that if we fail to take action, we’ll fall into failure. And it reminds us that if we do act in this way, we’ll achieve success.


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