Connecting With Clients – Effective Ways to Get Connected and Stay Connected

Effective Ways to Get Connected and Stay Connected

The success and future of your business depend on your clients, so getting in contact and keeping in contact is important. Clients can easily and quickly switch to competitors if they forget about you, so you must anticipate your client’s requirements to stop this from happening. How do you know if your client needs you if you do not maintain clear and open lines of communication?

Ensure You Have a Purpose

Contacting clients randomly for no reason at all can be detrimental to your business, as you could be seen as pestering the client, so to avoid this happening, it is vital to ensure that all your contact has a purpose and that the purpose is clear and easy to understand. A purpose could be launching or offering a new service, or it could be a call that informs clients about a time-sensitive price offer. Ensure that your contact has a benefit to your client; if you cannot see the benefit, then neither will they.

Make it Personal – Make it Face-to-Face

Calls and emails are OK, but how personal are they? In business face-to-face contact is more personal and memorable, and it also allows you the opportunity to learn more about your client and what makes them tick. If you can, it would be beneficial to create and host an event that will allow you to mingle with as many of your clients as possible. Creating an event that is beneficial to your clients will work wonders for your bottom line. To make an event successful, you need to leave the organization and hosting to other professionals, including Event Bartenders and catering companies, to ensure all your effort and time are focused on your clients.

Use Social Media

Keeping in touch with a post or via an instant message can be a quick but effective way to let clients know you are still around and that you are still there for them. Social media can be done quickly, and on the go, so you have no excuse not to utilize it for your client communications. If, however, you want to invest more time and effort into creating a social media profile that is more connected and approachable then you could always look at employing the skills of a social media manager who can keep up to date with all your accounts and communications ensuring that your clients are not kept waiting.

Keep it Regular

Ad hoc and sporadic contact is not conducive to a good working relationship. You must keep in regular contact with your clients. You can build a solid foundation and business relationship on regular contact, and you can not do this with one-off contact as clients will simply not have enough trust in you.  Try and keep in touch with clients at least once a month (at the bare minimum). Too much contact can be overwhelming, and similarly, too little contact can be worthless.

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