Adapt Your Style To Your Profession!

Adapt Your Style To Your Profession!

Clothes are a form of non-verbal communication because most often we dress in a way that expresses our true personality. From clothing, one can often determine an individual’s approximate age, gender, political opinions, social class, and other vivid details.

The color of the clothes is also not chosen by chance, it often indicates the mood at work of an individual. We tend to dress darkly to avoid people when we got up on the wrong foot, in red when we want to draw attention to one of his files left hanging by his boss or in yellow for show colleagues that we are above their critics.

So much information without you having to open your mouth, simply by the way you dress. Here for you, exclusively clothing styles applied to certain trades:

– For artists : To develop their creativity, artists including video editors, DJs and painters tend not to adapt to the suits and ties required by certain companies. Their environment demands a lot of openness every day, which is why they prefer to be their role model themselves. If you demand that they put on conventional outfits, you risk blocking their productivity.

– For salespeople : To sell, they tend to be focused on the smallest details. Gold watch, brand perfume, they are the best dressed because before selling their product, they prefer to sell themselves.

– For the administrative : Your clothes must comply with the requirements of the seriousness of these professions. The tie suit for men and the suit for women are sure values. They are generally required in banks, finance and accounting departments

– For education : In these sectors where you will have to move, provide practical clothing in which you are free to move. Professional uniforms, often compulsory in these trades to make your job easier.

Your garment makes the first impression on you, try to choose it carefully

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