Why accounting is called the language of business

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For all you accountants, this article is for you! At some point in your life, you must have heard the phrase “accounting is the language of business.” This was said by none other than Warren Buffett, and he is right. Like other languages, accounting is designed to communicate in the financial field.

Businessmen have relationships with their shareholders and investors that are essential to keeping the company alive. But like any business, if the money isn’t being made, or if it can’t meet expectations and goals, it’s sent to a farm in the upstate.

But accounting ensures that all information and finances are taken care of so that your business doesn’t go bust.

With that said, let’s see why accounting is the language of business.

This is the standard means of communication

Accounting is a lot like music or art. It is part of our daily life and can be understood by people all over the world. Numbers function the same way.

Accounting is like learning a new language. But since this is part of the business world, it makes things a little more difficult. Business can change on the fly and there is always some new way to improve communication.

Accounting is standardized because of the practical business model it follows. He can develop concepts even if accounting suffers from bureaucracy. For example, knowing what a balance sheet is does not require extensive training. This can be understood quite easily.

If you have a startup and the investor is tinkering. He doesn’t care what it is, he cares if it can make money. That’s why it’s important for investors to scrutinize your financials to make sure they’re all legit.

Accounting has always existed

Accounting has been a form of financial logistics ever since we humans began to develop society. Over time, accounting has evolved to help better understand finance and social needs, not for those at home, but for those around the world.

All cultures and civilizations have worked over the centuries to maintain their societies, including language and record keeping. In fact, ancient tablets with wages recorded on them date back to around 600 BC. and comes from Babylonia. Thus, this is proof that accounting has been an ancient form of communication for many years.

Accounting has a history

When the accounting report is sent, it can be read in the same way as a book. This is because it describes the company’s performance with their money. If you’ve ever been to a high-level meeting, chances are you’ve heard them throw around a lot of financial jargon and refer to their financial statements.

But in all these reports there is a story, because they must understand them in order to communicate between others.

business terminology

All languages ​​have certain terms, slang and terminology that are often unique to their identity. Accounting is different. People in financial positions need to understand accounting jargon. This helps to understand the context and what business transactions are taking place.

So, if you have a great position in the financial business, you need to get a glossary of financial terms or you will have a bad time.

Accounting in other professions

In addition to accounting, finance is an important factor in business communications. This requires research, collecting data and translating it into a document that is easy to understand.

Having a job in finance means you also need to ask the right questions when it comes down to it. You want to make sure you cover all your bases.

Besides accounting and finance, another language of business is economics. They all sound the same, but they all refer to different aspects of using the currency. Economics focuses on supply and demand, pricing and predicting market trends.

It is wise to combine these factors together because this will paint a bigger picture that you will be able to understand and understand. Because businesses can make important decisions at any time and under stressful or strange circumstances, it’s best to learn these trading languages ​​to make the best choice.

Accounting – Advanced Business

Accounting requires the application of deep business knowledge. This means that certain individuals know all the records and financial transactions of the company.

In addition to keeping records, it is also necessary to prepare information for calculating transactions and other factors that may affect the business. Having a business requires you to always check your finances to know if you are going broke or if you are making it big.


Accounting is in many ways the language of business. It’s been around for centuries and every civilization understands it due to terminology and jargon.

As Warren Buffett put it best: “Accounting is a language of its own. In order to get comfortable in a foreign language, you need at first a little experience, a little study, but later it will pay off.


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