Where is Phoozy From Shark Tank now?

phoozy from shark tank

If you are like anyone today, chances are you love your phone. You take it everywhere you go. You can chat with friends and family and have the whole world at your fingertips. But sometimes we have accidents. The phone can slip out of your hand, fall out of your bag, or even be picked up by your pet. So it’s always good to have insurance or protection for your phone, but then there’s Phoozy by Shark Tank.

What is Fusi?

Now, if you are someone who is browsing this website, then you probably have an interest in the business. Chances are you can even watch the Shark Tank reality show.

In one of the episodes back in 2016, namely season 12, episode 19, two people named Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis came up with Phuzi. The bottom line is that this is a protection for your phone, but its advanced design is made from durable materials. The idea came to them after their phones were in a serious accident. It was Conway who came up with the idea to use the reliable material used in NASA space suits. It was something he was familiar with when he was in NASCAR and wore similar suits.

The idea was to have a protective device for the phone. This allows the user to use their phone in various outdoor scenarios. Phoozy itself has overheat, drop and float protection for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Since technology and nature are often incompatible, having a damaged device in the forest, especially if you need help, can be very bad.

For example, if the temperature drops below zero, then the phone turns off. This is done in order to extend the battery life of the phone by three times. These capsules are so resistant to the elements that they can meet or exceed military standards.

What did Shark Tank say?

In the episode “Shark Tank”, Inglis and Conway asked for $500,000 for 10% of the business. They had a tense presentation, a great demo that showed off the features of their product, and just 36 months after launch, it had already brought in nearly $2 million in sales.

During the episode, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavek teamed up against Kevin O’Leary for a deal. Conway and Inglis will side with Laurie and Robert for $500,000 each at 4% each. But they had a royalty of $1.50 per unit until they got their investment back. The two men were delighted as they spent a lot of time trying to get into the show.

But what does Fuzi look like now?

Fuzi today

Phoozy became an instant hit after appearing in Shark Tank. According to Conway and Inglis, their sales are up over 400%. They claimed that after the episode aired, they didn’t have time to celebrate due to the high volume of bookings coming in.

Phoozy was worth $1.3 million in 2021, as stated by Trend Net Worth. Now the Phoozy team is still hard at work even on new products to sell on their website. Some of their new products include a can cooler that can keep a can up to 10 times colder than a standard can.

They also received new distribution channels and are even present on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. Phoozy is also sold on Amazon where they have received many positive reviews. The product is known to be quite stable and durable, which gives it great protection against natural forces.

The Phoozy team stated that they plan for their success to inspire others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. They also have a shoulder strap on their website that Phoozy can be worn on.


Phoozy is the embodiment of the American dream. The two men found a common problem that had no good solutions and no market. So, using their past experience and skills, they came up with an idea. It was Phoozy’s idea, and thanks to Phoozy they had already made several million before they even got into Shark Tank.

Now they are still successful and offer new products. What happened to Fuzi was a miracle and no small accident. They were lucky to find their niche and dominate this market. Sure, it’s already 2022, so there are probably a few copycats out there already, but they don’t have the astronaut stuff that makes it work so well.

By putting that hard work into something that benefits everyone and then getting on TV, you can cement your legacy. These two men made a dream come true and continued to push that dream to new heights. Will you do the same?


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