What we can learn in business from Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski

Who’s a Pixar fan here? They have so many memorable films, who can choose a favorite? From toy story to Up, there are many options. But a fan favorite that is still popular to this day, Monsters corporation. The animated film is set in a world where the monsters have to scare children as part of their job and also create their own energy. In a film about friends, family, and corruption in big business, we have a soft spot for characters. Of course, one of them is none other than the nearsighted Mike Wazowski.

All about Mike Wazowski

In the film, Mike works for the same company that produces energy (made from children’s screams) for the city. His friend Sully is one of the “repellers” and Mike helps Sully. Mike dreams that one day he too will become a horror story.

In the prequel movie Monsters university, Mike took panic classes, but the principal fired him when he was told he wasn’t scary.

Although it sounds depressing, it actually has a happy ending at the end. However, by watching Mike’s journey in both films, you can really learn a lot about business. So let’s get started!

Talent cannot be taught

AT Monsters university, Mike is an excellent student, but the director wants scary monsters. Mike is a big-eyed, clumsy and dim-witted little monster. He’s just not a scary monster. Even with good teachers and teaching methods, sometimes you just don’t have the talent for it.

It’s the same with business. When you are a manager looking for employees, you need those who can do the job, not those who dream about it. There will be people who just don’t get it. This is completely normal. You just have to sift through to find the right people.

Everybody needs tough love

The audience should cheer Mike on when he tries to become a scarecrow. One can admire Mike’s drive and passion to make his dreams come true. However, he still remains the least scary monster on campus. At that moment, the director appears and gives Mike a serious dose of reality.

We’ve all seen people like Mike in our lives. They have a huge drive and passion for something, but they just can’t do it. Therefore, we need a person like the director of the school in the film. This tough love is to help the person. Consulting with them is key because while they may not be able to do their dream job, there will be something similar for them, they just have to find it.

Everyone has a place in the world

Although upset about the failure of the bullying program, Mike does have an impact on campus. Make friends with losers and even join a fraternity. Mike excels at highlighting the strengths of others through leadership and motivation.

Mike would not have known about these talents and gifts if he had never been kicked out of the scare program. Everyone on this planet has a place to which they belong. Even you. You just need to find where it is. It may even be completely unexpected.

As a hiring manager, you can have a lot of respect for those who have that drive, even if they are not the right fit for the position you are filling. Either way, they might find that perfect place later, and you’ll feel better about not hiring them.


While we all want a happy Hollywood ending, Mike Wazowski becomes the ultimate scarer, but it doesn’t happen. Instead, he gives us a healthy dose of real life. This important message for children to learn about.

Hard work and a good work ethic may be all you need, but it may not be enough. You can have all the heart, drive, thrill, excitement and passion for something, but sometimes it just doesn’t suit you. It’s like trying to fit a triangular shape into a round hole.

Mike did everything he could to become a repeller and failed. Instead, he took his experience and his skills and applied them elsewhere. If you have seen Monsters corporation, then you know that he is successful. While not intimidating, Mike works with them and has made many friends and skills along the way.

The same can be done for you. For each of your failures, study what happened and figure out how you can apply it next time. So, all of you Mikey, go ahead!


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