What is a Steve Jobs suit and what does it mean?

The Thought Process Of Steve Jobs Outfit

Many people think that entrepreneurs and business people are the least interested in fashion. They think little of their clothes or appearance. But then why are Steve Jobs’ clothes such a thing? There’s very little chance that you didn’t notice how Steve Jobs always wore the same style of clothing.

As he once said, by choosing a uniform for himself, he has ensured that he has to make one less decision a day. Of course, with millions at stake, who has time to think about their wardrobe every day, right?

So what exactly are Steve Jobs clothes? For decades, the Apple executive has worn black turtlenecks, classic Levi’s 501® jeans and sneakers. Indeed, it was undoubtedly a rather simple and modest appearance. But do you really think that this look is randomly chosen? Absolutely not! It was a thoughtful decision!

Digging Deeper into the Steve Jobs Suit

Few people know that this image was not invented by Steve Jobs. For this purpose, he enlisted the famous Japanese designer and stylish Issei Miyake. He had pretty standard requirements. Jobs wanted a uniform that was simple and didn’t distract him from his work. At the same time, he wanted colleagues, partners and potential buyers not to be distracted by this either.

But that was not the only reason. Jobs also wanted to stand out from the competition. As a rule, the corporate world ensures that its presentations are carried out in classic suits. Steve Jobs wanted to break convention with his outfit. And also to give a clear idea that, like him, his products are also different from everything else available on the market. The Steve Jobs outfit also did wonders for drawing attention to the company.

And to top it all off, no one can forget this style. Even decades later, people remember Steve Jobs’s outfit very well!

The thought process of Steve Jobs clothing

Many people think that Steve did not think much about his outfit. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Indeed, the reason he chose this look for every day implies that it resonated well with his personality. He never felt the need to experiment.

Yes, people want to try something different with their looks. However, no one can deny that choosing clothes every morning can be quite a challenge. And no matter how many people say that they don’t care about fashion, the truth is that everyone wants to look good and presentable. Everyone thinks about what he wants to wear.

And that’s why the Steve Jobs outfit is a masterstroke. So what was Issey Miyake thinking when he came up with this image for an Apple executive?

He chose a black turtleneck as it is versatile and suitable for any situation. Therefore, Steve had a lot of black turtlenecks in his wardrobe. He didn’t have to think about what to wear every morning. He just pulled out a clean black turtleneck and it was done.

Issey Miyake paired the shirts with Levi’s blue or light blue jeans. They were not only comfortable, but also comfortable, as they did not wrinkle, unlike trousers.

Lastly, he completed the look with gray trainers from New Balance. They fit the character of Steve very well.

The evolution of the Steve Jobs suit

Although people remember this look the most, Steve didn’t always dress like that. He adopted this image for his daily life towards the end of the 1990s. Prior to this, because he wanted investors and the public to take him seriously, he dressed conservatively.

photo of Steve Jobs High School

For example, for the April 1984 cover of Macworld, he wore a white shirt with a brown tie and a light gray pinstripe fitted jacket. Steve Jobs always tried to dress well in expensive suits when he met with creditors. Yes, it’s clear that Steve Jobs understood the role clothing plays in making an impression.

Character traits depicted through Steve Jobs clothing

By now, it is clear that Steve Jobs chose his persona after careful consideration and with clear goals. So what does this tell you about his personality? Here is a little insight.


It can be seen that people with high intelligence or artistic prefer to dress simply. That is exactly what Steve Jobs did. The reason is actually quite simple. These people have so many thoughts that they don’t want their outfits to be a distraction.

good faith

Steve didn’t believe in formalities. He was always more interested in content. Consequently, he disliked calculated presentations. He wanted people to speak freely. Steve didn’t like PowerPoint presentations. And this trait is visible in his appearance. Although he always tried to dress neatly, he was never flawless.


Yes, Steve Jobs had the ability to captivate audiences with what he said about his products. But he wasn’t a big fan of having too many people around him. And you can guess that from his minimalistic outfit.

Dress to Impress: A Goal for Everyone

Clothing is not only fashion. It’s not always important to look good. You can use your outfit to convey a message or stand out from the rest. In fact, you can change how people perceive themselves by the way you dress.

But you must be unique. Wear clothes that match your personalityand they will become your trademark, not unlike a Steve Jobs suit!


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