Using Surveys to Increase Conversions in 3 Steps

increase conversions

Something you may have noticed on the receipt after purchase is either the instructions to go to the survey website or the survey printed on the back. This survey is an essential business tool. This allows the company to collect data from its customers and customers to find out what they think of the business and what can be improved.

Surveys also provide information that was previously considered impossible to obtain. But data and understanding are two different things. Data can tell you how long they’ve been there or what stage of checkout they’re in, but surveys are more convenient because they reveal a shopper’s thoughts.

Now there are different approaches to using surveys to increase conversions. One of the best ways to get a customer’s opinion is to simply ask why they haven’t converted yet. Their responses can lead to changes in the business for the better.

A business wants to use surveys to increase conversions. To have no clients. Conversion surveys are great because they can be done at any stage of the process between the consumer and the supplier.

Below are three simple steps to help your business use conversion surveys to the best of their ability.

Surveys lead to customers

In your business, you often receive contact information from your client. You then use polls to get them to stay with you. Preferably forever.

While not everyone is interested in the survey, those who are will be considered interested because they take the time to complete the survey. This can be done on the company’s website or by email.

A conversion survey should help you find a potential consumer with questions related to finances and interests. Point out that you will provide them with a better, more personal experience if they do business with you.

Another way to distribute surveys is by using telephones. There may be an advantage to establishing a relationship with a call center and then doing surveys.

What the customer doesn’t like

At this point, conversion surveys are being sent out. You listen to your customers and employees and find more potential customers every day. But why don’t they join you?

A conversion survey should find out what buyers don’t like about their shopping experience and how to fix it. It should be related to everything related to business. This may include:

  • Employees
  • Site layout
  • The quality of the product or service

Surveys can also tell you if the products or services you have are out of stock. Sometimes an area doesn’t need a specific item. For example, a coastal city is probably not interested in agricultural equipment, and rural areas are probably not in need of surfboard rentals.

The point is that surveys can help you understand what the market trends are in that area or community.

Make customers happy

You’ve sent out conversion surveys and with any luck, you’ll catch them! But despite retaining some customers, you also need to keep attracting customers. This is because it is much cheaper to keep them there than it is to start new ones.

But outflow is always inevitable. So, in a survey, ask what can be done to improve the experience so they keep coming back. Given the number of interactions and milestones a client goes through, they should be able to explain what their problems are.

Another great way to succeed in conversion surveys is to ask if a client would recommend you. In surveys, mention your satisfied customers, this can set off a chain reaction of more customers joining you.

Some Tips

While there is no big rulebook for conversion surveys, there are ways to make them successful. Here are some of those tips:

  • Make a poll short and easy and to the point. Make sure the survey takes about 2 minutes. Remember that they are volunteering to help you with your business. So don’t throw them a book of questions.
  • The design of the survey is also important. Clients tend to ignore open questions. At best, multiple selection is used. This way they have options and complete the survey faster.
  • Make sure the questions are needed and complete the task.
  • Take the survey yourself to make sure it’s easy to understand.


Using surveys to increase conversions is essential for a business to thrive. With the help of clients, you can be aware of things that might need fixing. It can also, of course, keep customers, which is what you want after all.

Surveys improve the experience for consumers and make them feel needed and special. And who doesn’t want to feel like this?


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