Types of Entrepreneurs: Complete List

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An entrepreneur is someone who wants to make dreams come true. They create businesses, create jobs, contribute to society and bring all sorts of new ideas to us. But there are many different types of entrepreneurs, and who they are as a person also determines what kind of entrepreneur they will be.

Entrepreneurs need to have a lot of skills, perseverance, luck and more to be successful. You need to think outside the box, make tough decisions, and more. Knowing how you handle these things will also help you define what kind of entrepreneur you are. It may take some time, but knowing this will help you succeed.

Five Types of Entrepreneurs

In fact, probably hundreds different children entrepreneurs based on location, career, background, and even the country they live in. So instead, we’ll focus on five different entrepreneurs who are the most common type you see in the world. Recall that each of these types of entrepreneurs have their own way of doing business. If you’re trying to figure out what type you are, then this list will surely help you.


An important detail of entrepreneurial buyers is that they are known for their wealth. These types of entrepreneurs are wealthy and focused on buying up businesses that seem promising and successful. What they do is look for businesses, evaluate them, and then buy them. Often they find the best person to manage and grow the company.

What’s great about these entrepreneurs is that buying an existing business comes with much less risk than those in startup territory. They also don’t need to innovate and can instead focus on building something in an already established place. In addition, you already have demographics and statistics for your products as they are already on sale.

However, they also have disadvantages. The buyer usually likes to pay a very high price for a business that really impresses them, so be careful with your financial resources and don’t spend it all. This type of entrepreneur may also face the risk of buying a business that is inherited with problems. If you think you can solve problems, more power is yours, but be careful what you can actually achieve.


A hustler entrepreneur is someone who is primarily interested in just working hard and making money. Hustlers start with what they have and just work their way up until they get to what they want. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and when it comes to entrepreneurs, they focus on effort rather than money. Hustlers are very focused, hardly distracted, and like to take risks rather than feel comfortable where they are.

Being a scammer is great if you have thick skin, keep bouncing back from setbacks, are hardworking and determined. However, even the Hustler has its downsides. A nimble person can be a tiring person and this can cause people who don’t have that mindset to get tired of it. In fact, this can happen to the businessman himself, who burns out too quickly. Scammers also tend to focus on hard work rather than making money, which is an important thing you need to do in business.


As the name suggests, imitator entrepreneurs are those who copy business practices and use them to their advantage. They strive to ensure that the ideas they use for their business make their products better. The fact is that the imitator is trying to gain an advantage in its competitive market. They are half innovators, half businessmen.

They are good at making business practice something easier. This is handy when you want to compare your performance to the core business idea you copied. However, imitators will always be followed by originals, so be sure to make your idea really special.


The innovator creates and advances new ideas that turn into business opportunities. They like to find ways to get people to change the way they work. Innovators are observant, passionate people who use creativity to create entrepreneurship. Innovators also use various marketing strategies to find their audience. Plus, instead of standing out from the crowd, they’ll just do their thing.

Being an innovator is great because you are the creator of it all. So you set the rules, you create the idea, you get all the credit for it. However, even if you have a new idea, thousands of others have the same, so building your own crowd can be tricky. Not to mention, as a creator, creating something new can often take longer than desired. This can create tension with shareholders.


Last but not least, the researcher likes to take the time to gather all the material and all the data to make sure the idea is great and there are no problems. Researchers want to make sure there is no failure as they have thoroughly researched their business idea.

Being a researcher is great because you can plan for failure, make detailed business plans, and minimize the chances of failure by providing a good understanding of the market. However, they like to move slowly and do not necessarily take risks.


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