Most Influential Celebrity Entrepreneurs

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Celebrities achieve great fame. Through fame, many celebrities can turn into very good celebrity entrepreneurs. Here is a list of some of the most influential celebrity entrepreneurs.

Most Influential Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Steven Spielberg: DreamWorks

Spielberg began charging entrance fees to his home movies as a child. His first war film Escape to nowhere was awarded at the age of 12. After starring in Jaws, ET and Jurassic Park, Spielberg co-founded Dreamworks, which made 10 films that grossed over $100 million at the box office. Forbes estimates Spielberg’s fortune at over $3.1 billion.

Hugh Heffner: Playboy


Playboy Hugh Heffner himself was born into a family of conservative farmers from Nebraska. After moving to New York, he needed a gentleman’s magazine. Starting with just $8,000 raised from investors, Heff sold 50,000 copies of his first Marilyn Monroe magazine. Originally titled “Bachelor Party”, Hugh changed his name to Playboy. His fame took him from magazine and mansion to pay-per-view and mainstream television.

Sean Combs: Sean John Clothing and Bad Boy Entertainment


Diddy, Puffy, whatever you want to call him, the man who started Notorious BIG is one of the best self-promoters of all time. His clothing line, Sean John, generates over $400 million in sales and is currently developing his Ciroc vodka brand. However, Diddy is more than just an entrepreneur, he runs the New York City Marathon and competes in Raisins in the sun on Broadway. A very influential famous businessman.

Tyra Banks: Banking Enterprises


As a model, Tyra became the first black cover girl for Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and GQ. Since then, her fame has shifted to the television shows America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show. The Taira Empire includes jewelry, shoes and perfumes and is widely known for its positive influence on women from 18 to 34 years old.

Magic Johnson: Magic Johnson Enterprises

NBA Store

Magic’s career as the best point guard of all time came to an abrupt end after he was diagnosed with HIV. Having dedicated his life to business and philanthropy, Magic is valued at nearly a billion dollars. Targeting downtown areas with Lowes, Starbucks and TGI Friday’s Johnson theaters, looking for opportunities where others fear. The Magic’s personality is still visible on all TNT, ESPN and CBS channels where they cover NBA and NCAA basketball.

Katy Ireland: Katy Ireland Co.


Fashion model Kathy Ireland told Newsweek, “I’ve never felt comfortable getting paid based on how someone perceives my appearance,” and has never looked back since. Her mission was to “find solutions for families, especially busy moms.” Ireland sells everything from exercise videos to mats to home theater systems.

Bill Gates: Microsoft


Although Gates’ fortune has recently declined due to the loss of market share to another person on this list, Gates is still responsible for the personal computer revolution. Gates now sits on the board of directors of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and, more importantly, devotes his time to charitable giving through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which supports global health and development.

Richard Branson: virgin


This British entrepreneur started out by founding a magazine called Student and quickly expanded into the music industry with Virgin Records. The self-proclaimed “rebellious billionaire” has over 300 companies owned by virgin brand. For fun, Branson spends time on his private island or trying to break world records, such as crossing the English Channel in an amphibian or circumnavigating the world in a hot air balloon.

Steve Jobs: Apple

Steve-Jobs-3G-iPhone-Heart attack-Pixar-Disney

As a teenager, Jobs tinkered with computers at Hewlett Packard in his hometown of Mountain View, California. As the most famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur of all time, Steve Jobs has made his mark on computers, digital music, and now cellular devices. A perfect example of the trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur. Jobs survived both in business and in life after a recent liver transplant.

Oprah Winfrey: Harpo Inc.


Winfrey was born in a poor Mississippi town and was sexually abused as a child. With properties in The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios (Oprah spelled backwards), Oxygen Network, and Oprah Magazine, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion, according to Forbes. Oprah is best known for her philanthropic efforts to help people “live their best lives.” Oprah is a real famous entrepreneur from rags to riches.

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