How to become an entrepreneur without an idea

entrepreneur without an idea

What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Do you have enough brains? Cunning? Much money? It can be all of this and none of this at the same time. It takes determination, hard work, luck and maybe a couple or two business lessons to learn it. So, you want to be an entrepreneur, but you are a future entrepreneur without idea. Guess what? You can still be him.

All people are different. Some of them are followers while others are leaders. Others plan, and some like to go with the flow. And, of course, some of them are thinkers, philosophers, creators and brainstormers. Being an entrepreneur means a lot. You enter it informally or formally. With friends or alone. The point is to find the opportunity.

So what are you doing?

Look at your local community

To get started, you can go around your local community, find small business owners or other entrepreneurs, and ask if you can start there. The worse they can say no. But they can point you in the right direction. Try the local farmers’ market. Many people sell their own products to customers. See if you can help on one of these farms.

Another way to do this is to think like a child or teenager and start small with a lemonade stand or as a pet sitter. It may not sound like the glamor you imagined being an entrepreneur, but you get what you get out of it. These jobs are short and easy, but they bring in money. These types of operations can help you brainstorm ideas or explore the more established brands of these jobs and find opportunities there.

Connect in college

If you are a college student, then networking and finding business-oriented students can help a lot. Connecting with them could be good for the future if you all decide to get together and start a business. You should use all the free time you get in college and look for ways to develop yourself and find an entrepreneurial idea. Often college students go broke and need clothes, food, and other things. This should make it much easier to either come up with an idea on your own or start a company for yourself with a buddy.

use the internet

Sometimes your real community doesn’t have the opportunities you were hoping for. Alternatively, you should search the internet. This is your golden goose egg of opportunity. Look for forums and websites about business and entrepreneurship, where you can find like-minded people, and perhaps if the stars align, you can meet these people and make a business yourself. In fact, there are already many websites that do business from home for people like you. Again, you may not feel like you’re the entrepreneur you hoped to be, but these operations are done from home in a person’s spare time. If they can do it, then you can too.

Some websites, such as Etsy, allow people to make handmade items such as jewelry, woodwork, bags, clothing, and more. In fact, such sites are great for those who have hobbies. See what hobbies you have. Is it possible to do something with them to make a profit? If you enjoy building birdhouses, you can sell them online, in the community, or to your friends and family. Then if you really enjoy doing it, why not broaden your horizons. Try building things like chairs or other furniture. These things can help build yourself as well as your business.


Basically, be an entrepreneur. doesn’t require much. Only a dream and a lot of determination. It doesn’t matter when or how you got there, what matters is that you got there in the first place. And you still may not feel comfortable with any entrepreneurial idea, and for good reason. One way around this is if you have the financial resources, look for entrepreneurs like you and see if you can fund them. So you can be a shareholder or hold another position in the company as an entrepreneur, and the other person gets the funding to make their startup a reality. Eventually, both of you will become entrepreneurs. Win-win situation.


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