How to be more productive at work: 6 easy steps

more productive at work

There are many ways to increase your daily productivity, depending on the nature of your job or business. Some of you may already be following the work pattern. If it works, then good. If not, we’ve put together six practical boosters to make you more productive. Read on.

Use an online calendar

It can save you hours if you can use an online calendar to manipulate and delegate tasks to your team members to meet project deadlines. To keep them together, share a virtual calendar that includes due dates and appointments. Important events, orientations, and many other relevant tasks can also be added.

Some other benefits of a digital calendar are automatic reminders, online availability, attachment of important resources, and recurring events. An online calendar doesn’t have to be complicated. It could even be a simple Outlook calendar that can display your availability for team members. This way they know when you are available.

Speed ​​up your computer

The best and fastest way to speed up your Mac computer is to uninstall unnecessary applications. This can help improve the performance and productivity of Mac users.

You can use the uninstaller to perform this function for you. There is uninstallers for Mac users who can automate the various steps to uninstall apps. Sometimes when you drag an app to the Trash, it may not work because some extra files remain on your hard drive. However, the uninstaller can find all of your underutilized and outdated applications. It then also monitors all of their support caches and related files, moves them to the trash, and eventually deletes them.

By uninstalling applications from your computer, you can achieve speed optimization and see real-time amount of free space. So, save time and improve your productivity by using the uninstaller to uninstall apps. This will work wonders and make you more productive.

Save to the cloud

Store all your files in virtual cabinets in the cloud instead of locally as this can take up less space on your local drive, freeing up a faster hard drive. If you store your files in the cloud, you can continue working from any computer. It also allows you to quickly find all your files.

Using your computer efficiently is the fastest way to increase productivity. It can also save you nerves, money and time. If your computer crashes, you can pick up where you left off if your files are stored in the cloud. As an added benefit, you avoid using multiple file versions.

Cloud storage makes you more productive with its file sharing features, which means you can share your files with other people quickly and conveniently. You can also invite multiple users at the same time to see your date in real time. This cloud environment is good for productivity as it can replace physical meetings.

Physical machine and environment

There are only a few challenges for the entrepreneur which are more frustrating than uncomfortable environments and outdated physical environments. Good advice: Replace computers every five years or upgrade your operating system. You can also buy another monitor to be able to research, compare and compose quickly and efficiently.

The chair you sit in can affect your physical abilities, such as back pain. Inability to work due to physical ailments means reduced productivity. So, pay attention to the chair that you use to work at the computer. Use a comfortable chair that supports your posture as you type.

Nothing slows things down like a slow internet connection, not to mention the subsequent frustration. Make sure you have high speed internet so you don’t have to wait forever for every request. Take breaks to walk and stretch. It can also relieve you of any eye strain you may have.

Manage your schedule

Having a sense of control can psychologically help you improve your productivity. How? Control the activities of the day. In other words, plan your schedule for the day either the day before or in the morning. Allocating time for tasks and reserving a specific time for meetings is worth your time. A lot can be done this way.

Another thing that pays dividends when done consistently is to never procrastinate, but to force yourself to schedule time for the task. Most people procrastinate because they either feel lazy or hate doing the task, both of which are not good. So save yourself some headaches and hassle in the future by not putting everything on the back burner.

We understand that unexpected things can inevitably arise, so it’s important that your schedule is flexible so that you can change it at any time. However, this is no reason not to plan. So, when you plan your schedule, consider both expected and unexpected events to increase your productivity at work.

Use lists and templates

Get in the habit of making a list of things to do every day. As they say, what is written is done. The easiest way to do this is to divide them into daily and weekly. Then set a deadline for each and start marking them as you go. Try it and you will soon see that it is a very rewarding experience.

Urgent tasks should be kept to a minimum, but if they are on your list, they should be addressed first in the morning. Rethink your schedule if you find that you constantly have urgent things to do, which is unhealthy. Mundane tasks that don’t increase your productivity can be done in small bursts throughout the day.

Using email templates can also save you time when dealing with multiple tasks. This may, for example, include checklists and quick guides to some frequently asked questions from your employees or clients, pre-designed email templates for your sales activities or templates for upcoming email marketing campaigns.


Being able to make small changes to your work schedule, as outlined in this article, can lead to incremental changes and increase your productivity at work. Periodically evaluate these additional changes to see what works and what doesn’t. Save practices that have worked and do them more often. Discard the ones that don’t work for you. Productive day!


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