How has LMS revolutionized homeschooling?


In recent years, many international as well as higher education institutions have experimented with learning management systems (LMS), which have made significant changes in their functionality, efficiency and structure. School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have placed restrictions on traditional teaching methods, forcing schools to grapple with existing technological deficiencies such as absence:

  • focus on providing guaranteed learning outcomes for students
  • quality control
  • engaging elements in content delivery
  • active participation of parents in the academic journey of their child
  • the right tools and infrastructure to train and support teachers

Extensive research in this area has revolutionized technology that has further changed and made the learning process simpler, more interactive, more powerful and more personalized. Let’s see how:

Easy accessibility

A huge benefit of using the LMS as a learning resource for students and teachers is that it is not spread across multiple hard drives and devices. Students can easily access materials on any device with an internet connection. Classroom classes take place during normal school hours, but with online learning, the schedule is quite simple. This is convenient for both students and teachers. Reliable LMS like Blackbod provides the flexibility to access learning resources and makes the process smooth and easy.

Progress Tracking

Most LMSs include built-in reports and analytics tools used to identify student strengths and weaknesses. Student activity data is recorded in the LMS, where teachers check and track student progress. Teachers can monitor the progress of students, and the necessary improvisations are introduced into the educational content, where individual training courses are created accordingly. Consequently, the LMS offers schools and parents the ability to track student progress and ensure that students complete assigned tasks.

Reliable and safe

The LMS tool is very safe and reliable to use. Teachers can download learning materials without fear of attracting any malware or viruses. The LMS is very secure because most of the system access and feature integration is in the hands of the teachers. The algorithm is secure enough that no one but users can access the data stored on the platform.


Whenever a user interacts with various LMS features such as course windows, quizzes, forms, etc., they leave traces in the form of data. These data points are compared to specific benchmarks such as activity level, retention rates, and watch time. In this way, teachers can make the necessary changes by extracting these landmarks and helping students catch up.

AI-Based Learning

AI-powered e-learning allows students to identify obscure areas while learning. AI answers some of the questions asked and helps students save learning time. This method is most suitable for students who are embarrassed to ask questions.

Centralized data

LMS is easy to implement in schools and other institutions. It brings together all subject study guides, study modules and academic programs. In addition, all e-learning materials are stored in one place, and not on different hard drives and devices. Thus, the risk of information loss is minimized, and content processing becomes more manageable.

Curatorial module

LMSs allow teachers to add newly updated modules to an eLearning course. In this way, the training material can also be combined with adapted training courses. This allows them to process the flow of content for each student according to their progress and development.


With new technology in learning management systems, the academic world is ready to embrace it more than ever. The online learning method provides better performance and makes students more confident. Thus, unlike traditional education, the LMS platform has revolutionized schooling and made students more independent and self-reliant.

In this way, LMS helps schools to create, administer, distribute, manage and adapt all activities related to online learning.


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