Creating an Outdoor Home Office to Improve Mental Health

outdoor home office

The pandemic has changed the way we work, and it seems that managers and workers will have to accept that we are now working in a new reality. So what happened? Many companies have switched to remote work during the pandemic, and more Fortune 500 executives are making the decision. remote work is not going anywhereand in this case, switching your indoor space to an open home office can help.

Of course, the new scheme of work is fraught with many problems that need to be solved. Poll conducted American Psychiatric Association showed that views on the mental health of remote workers are mixed. The results show that remote work is beneficial. But also the fact that most remote workers experience isolation, loneliness and difficulty turning off at the end of the day.

While the bulk of the regulation of remote work lies with governments and companies, positive steps can be taken by individuals themselves to meet their physical and mental health needs.

One possible solution to the problems of long-term remote work is to create outdoor or garden office. The popularity of the new concept is growing. Read on to find out how to set up An open home office can help overcome mental health issues, increase productivity for remote workers, and improve overall well-being.

Benefits of opening a garden office

Working in a garden office can greatly improve mental well-being. Only being outdoors makes us happy! If you have access to an open home office, there are a number of reasons a garden workspace can benefit you.

1. Provides a soothing atmosphere and vitamin D

Surrounding yourself with nature helps reduce stress and improve your mood. Research has shown that even 40 seconds to look at nature can put your brain in a relaxed state and make you feel better by improving your overall mental clarity.

The open nature of the garden office means you or your employees get fresh air and open space. This encourages creativity and eliminates the distractions found in most indoor offices.

Relying on the sun instead of traditional office fluorescent lighting also means your vitamin D levels will thank you. This “happiness vitamin” is absorbed directly from the sun and plays a number of important roles, including regulating mood and allowing your body to absorb calcium for healthy bones and muscles.

2. Promotes Physical Activity to Reduce Stress and Depression

American Heart Association recommends about 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week along with high-intensity muscle work, and time in the garden can help you reach that goal. Dig, plant, prune, rake – you’ll burn calories doing it all.

Whether it’s a short watering break between work tasks, or a longer weekend gardening task, you’ll add a little activity to your week in the name of maximizing your office’s visibility. Perhaps without even realizing it.

3. It May Help Improve Your Overall Well-Being

Of course, you will be busy with work. However, the closer to nature, the easier it is to take short mental breaks so as not to lose focus. Walking in the fresh air is easy when you are already on the street (or a step away from it). Thus, your physical and mental needs are easily met.

If you choose to grow your own garden there are even more benefits as various fruits and vegetables are associated with better brain health. Start growing leafy greens and blueberries and enjoy all the benefits of a home office in the garden.

4. Your family can enjoy the garden too

Having a garden office in a different style can give a fresh look to your existing garden. Its creation and maintenance can be a relaxing way relax after a long day.

Americans have a long tradition of creating English country gardensso consider incorporating these elements into your own garden design. Your entire family will reap the benefits of this new and improved outdoor home office. So getting the family involved in design and maintenance can lighten the load and give you all the chance to have some fun together.

How to Change Your Daily Routine with a Garden Office

More and more at home workers go to the gardenturning their backyards and storage areas into workspaces.

Use natural materials and organic patterns. Allow yourself a clear view of the street. In addition, by exposing yourself to natural daylight, you can increase your productivity and alertness.

You can build an office in the garden by yourself. Or consider an alternative and buy a ready-made garden office or garden capsule.

During winter periods, you may want to consider adding an office/shed to keep you warm. The entrance that leads to your office space and the door here can be bigger and grander. Then the other entrance can always be a smaller door, signaling that it is a “peripheral” space. The one that leads to your pantry.

If you still don’t want to build a garden office, adding a few plants around your work space will also add benefits. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to take the time to customize your workspace to suit your needs and reap the benefits.


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