Brand Ambassador Job: Finding a Position

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Whether you’re looking for a great influencer marketing deal or a brand ambassador job, there’s one platform to find it: YouTube.

According to influencer marketing agency Mediakix, just 11% of marketers plan to spend most of their money on a social video platform this year. Compare that to Instagram, where 69% of marketers spend most of their influencer dollars.

But it’s not just the lesser competition that makes YouTube attractive to marketers. First, YouTube has a monthly active user base of 1.9 million. almost twice what’s on Instagram. Moreover, video content generates 12 times As many shares as there are images and text. Instagram now hosts video content, of course, but YouTube is purely a video platform.

Looking for Brand Ambassador Job

However, as with any other social media platform, YouTube influence requires more than money. Start by looking for YouTube personalities that match your brand:

1. Start by searching the site.

If you’re looking for a YouTube Ambassador, chances are you already know the type of person you’re looking for. For example, if you’re an investment broker, you might be looking for a day trader who got rich from the couch. For an outdoor brand, a professional climber or hiker might be the best bet.

If the first video you click doesn’t meet your expectations, check the sidebar. youtube recommendation algorithm is configured exaggerate popular videos that point to valuable influencers. Then try opening YouTube in an incognito window: because the platform respects the viewer’s search history, you’re more likely to see videos with broader appeal if you remove your own preferences from the image.

2. Ask your top users who they watch.

Let’s say you sell guitar accessories. Your users can count on your strings and tuners, but where do they learn new phrases? Beginners may still use tutorials, but your more experienced users are probably learning from other players online.

Send out a survey, perhaps with a small reward for completion: what youtubers do they follow? What do they like about these channels? Have they seen other guitar products advertised on these channels? Count their responses and reach out to two or three favorite audiences who aren’t already promoting your competitors’ products.

3. Take advantage of free tools.

Why do the hard work of finding and verifying influencers when a free tool does it for you? Start with GroupHigh monthly influencer lists. Although most of the features of the shareware platform require a paid subscription, GroupHigh publishes public lists of influencers in verticals such as food, technology, and sports.

To check the influencers you find, refer to Skorr. Like the late Klauth, Skorr assigns all social network users scores from 0 to 100, which characterize the degree of influence of a person on the network. Finally contact with The best YouTubers don’t have time to read every comment they get on every video; tracks the email addresses associated with a given domain so that your offer gets noticed.

4. Familiarize yourself with YouTube’s own content.

Supported by the YouTube team for their video bloggers. YouTube Contributor Blog contains a set of platform updates and stories featuring prominent YouTubers. Search for keywords related to your industry to find influencers that the platform considers to be star players. YouTube Creators Twitter Page also a smart place to look.

Although it is updated infrequently, YouTube trending blog also contains gems. The latest post introduces sustainability channels divided into fashion, beauty and life. And don’t forget YouTube Official Blog which is aimed at a general audience but still shows influence on current topics such as International Women’s Day.

5. Think about tone, quality, and character.

Before you fall in love with a YouTuber, take a close look at what he or she posts. Watch at least five videos, preferably by topic and time frame, and read the text below. Was the video filmed professionally? Are the descriptions well written and accurate?

Also consider tone and character. If you are a nonchalant brand, don’t choose someone who writes angry rants on their blog. No matter what brand you have, insist that the influencer follow Federal Trade Commission leadership on sponsored social media content.

As marketers flock to Instagram, YouTube influencers are ripe for a pick. Just make sure you search carefully: there’s no such thing as a good deal when it doesn’t work for your brand.


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