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You must have heard of Dogecoin, the famous meme coin that has taken the world of cryptocurrencies by storm. If you didn’t know it existed until 2022, you definitely do by now, as Elon Musk made it famous with a simple tweet when he decided to ditch Bitcoin in favor of Dogecoin. This event is clear proof that meme coins have potential in this vast realm of digital currencies. Since then, other meme coins have appeared on the coin market, and one of the most popular at the moment is the Big Eyes Coin, also known as The Biggest Cutie Pie.

This cryptocurrency has been all the rage in 2022 as more and more investors are choosing meme coins as they are considered safe and long-term investments. So yes, adding humor to your cryptocurrency portfolio can be not only a versatile experience, but also a profitable plan.

Big Eyes Coin is meant to be a game changer, and no, it’s not just hype. We will show you the facts in the following lines, so read on to get a full understanding of what this adorable meme coin means for the cryptocurrency market and how you can use it.

Big Eyes Coin: meme-coin of the year

The popularity of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has grown rapidly, becoming one of the cryptocurrencies receiving positive reviews in 2022. It caused a lot of buzz on social media and received support from the cryptocurrency community. Fans of digital goods are delighted with this meme coin, which lives up to its name, mainly in the pre-sale stages – Big Eyes Coin. Surprisingly, it seems to overshadow other well-known meme coins, including Dogecoin (DOGE), and for many reasons.

First of all, The Biggest Cutie is working for a good cause, which is pretty impressive considering all the virtual currencies out there that just don’t exist. The project aims to create and maintain an ever-growing ecosystem and donate a portion of the wealth earned to ocean conservation organizations and charities. In addition, Big Eyes Coin plans to support the community by hosting giveaways and events based on NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Thus, this coin stands out not only for its attractiveness, but also for its stability.

The environmental friendliness of Big Eyes Coin is due to its operation on the Ethereum network. It recently underwent one of the biggest upgrades in the history of cryptocurrencies – the merger. What does this event mean for the Ethereum blockchain? Well, moving from PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus to PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus meant consuming less energy and therefore more sustainable development.

Are investors attracted by a cat avatar with wide pupils, or simply by the promising future of the project? Both! In any case, the idea is that Big Eyes Coin managed to sell at the presale stage, raising about $10 million. For a mem coin, this is at least impressive. However, this cryptoverse is very different from other meme coins due to its contribution to saving the oceans.

Is it long term?

There is nothing strange in the fact that some crypto projects first become large, and then they are forgotten. But this does not apply to Big Eyes Coin. Using pre-sale funds, the developers plan to work on other improvement strategies that will allow The Biggest Cutie to continue as a promising project. Developers will direct their attention to building through numerous competitions and competitions to increase the speed of implementation and attract enthusiasts. Something tells us that it won’t be too difficult, since there are already so many people interested in BIG.

Big Eyes Coin has passed the required security audit, so it is a completely safe asset. The project can also attract many users to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) as it relies on an easy-to-use and understandable platform where people will be properly guided and feel at home when using it.

Long term benefits

However, only patient holders and early adopters are likely to take advantage of the price increase. Big Eyes Coin is a project that is most likely to come true in the long term, although it has great potential. This is because price increases do not happen overnight – Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have also taken some time to become one of the most important cryptocurrencies. However, there is a good chance that this cute cat coin will experience an unprecedented price spike, especially since the pre-sale phase turned out to be such a huge success.

The project team also organizes the distribution of bonus tokens. So, if The Biggest Cutie caught your attention and you are planning to invest, be sure to use code BIG301 when purchasing BIG to take advantage of this free giveaway. It won’t be long before BIG tokens are released to some crypto exchanges. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can try to invest in other successful cryptocurrency projects. Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization and trading volume and is arguably the most used digital asset. So, if you are looking for security in your investment strategy, Bitcoin may be the answer. Despite its volatility, BTC is still one of the most profitable virtual coins. And if bought at the right time, it can bring significant profits in the long run. However, before starting your trading journey, make sure you have a clear understanding of where to buy bitcoinliquidity levels and global adoption.

Big Eyes Coin vs Dogecoin

The huge success of Dogecoin is a clear indication that the meme coin industry is truly unrivaled. At the time of launch, the coin was perceived as just a fun cryptocurrency. However, Elon Musk contributed to the success of the late coin when he announced on Twitter that he would accept it for Testa transactions. This cemented the value of DOGE among the top cryptocurrencies.

But the question arises: “Does Dogecoin have something that can counter the progress of the Big Eye?” Aside from Musk’s obvious support that the coin benefits from, there are no significant upgrade announcements or collaborations on the horizon, as is the case with Big Eyes Coin.

The future sounds promising for BIG, so what are you up to?


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