An easy way to hold your team accountable

team manager accountable

The workplace is an important area in the business world. But it’s the people who work there that make it special. These “teams” are what keep the business afloat with their hard work and passion for their careers. But, as a manager, you also need to focus not only on the positives, but also on holding your team accountable in the event of negative events.

Team Responsibility

Team responsibility is an important skill that a manager needs. Sometimes a team member has to respond if they miss deadlines or other factors. A manager must be able to create an aura of responsibility in the workplace to help motivate and push employees to achieve goals and achieve positive outcomes.

When you want to be a favorite boss, it can be difficult to give responsibility to the team. You may not get the response you were hoping for, and this can lead to tension in the office.

Actually, interview of executives said that 18% of them admit that holding the team accountable was their biggest weakness. 15% also said they had a hard time getting rid of losers.

The purpose of this article is to make it easier to hold the team accountable. It is very important that you are responsible for the team, because if you cannot stand up for your business, no one else will. This is your job and your livelihood, and unfortunately there are difficult choices to be made. But it is extremely important to make it as simple and clear as possible so that there are no offenses.

Leaders must hold themselves accountable

As a manager, you are responsible for your team. If everything is not up to standard, then it falls on you. Take a step back and think about what went wrong and how to fix it. You are a role model for the team, so any failure is part of your failure as a leader.

You want to be a positive influence on them. Therefore, you need to lead by example. Try one of the following:

  • Complete all your tasks before the deadline.
  • Support the team when needed.
  • Come to work prepared.

It is these little things that can inspire them to work better. Also, you don’t have to worry so much about team responsibility.

Set expectations

An important part of a manager’s job is to dictate what needs to be done. You must deliver orders with crystal accuracy. Miscommunication is a common problem in the workplace. Don’t let this be a problem at your job. Make sure all instructions are given exactly what you want.

Setting these expectations gives employees an idea of ​​what they are doing and that they are accountable for doing their job. In addition, giving everything by voice will only lead to confusion. Write everything so that all tasks are documented and clearly articulated.

Team accountability will be low if everyone knows what they are doing.

Provide all necessary resources

Business requires success. For a manager, this means you have to set your team up for success. This support is important for any team. They need all the knowledge, resources and other denominators that help develop skills like confidence and improve their abilities.

The manager is responsible for ensuring that you provide all the resources you need to operate and be successful. Or they will be set to fail. Properly executed instructions can be followed, but not without the right tools. No tools, no solution. Then it becomes a big problem. The availability of resources gives the team their own responsibility as they have access to the necessary tools.

Get bad performance fast

From time to time you notice that a team member is not doing his job. It is very important that you deal with such things as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will become a big mess in the future.

When it comes to poor performance, you should figure out what was the problem that caused the task to fail to complete before the deadline. Consider factors such as:

  • technical issues
  • misunderstanding
  • Personal problems

There are many other examples. But these are some of the most common in the workplace. When this happens, you must hold the team member accountable.

As far as accountability goes, you need to figure out where you went wrong with the team. Think back if you made a mistake with your agenda. Also, it is important that you listen and ask a team member what is wrong.

Actively listen and discuss what went wrong and how to deal with it the right way. This ensures both team and personal accountability. If you stay calm and help your employee, you will appear more supportive.


Like the general of his brigade, the manager commands his team. Both must listen and care for those below them, otherwise they will lose respect.

Team responsibility makes the team stronger, motivated to achieve goals. Getting closer to team responsibility requires patience, empathy, and compassion to deliver a more positive workplace and work experience.


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