53 co-working centers in the best cities for entrepreneurs

What is every young entrepreneur looking for? Money! How to do it, how to save it, how to use it, etc. Of course, when starting a business, every entrepreneur is looking for ways to save what little money he has, but at the same time build an empire. Coworking is a relatively new option for business owners when it comes to getting office space.

If you don’t already know, co-working spaces are places where you can rent a desk, an office, or just chat in an open room with other business owners who are doing the same. The centers will offer Wi-Fi, coffee, comfortable furniture, printing and, of course, innovative environment. You have to sign up for one of their packages, which can range from $10 for a day pass to several hundred dollars for renting your own desk for a month, and plenty of options in between.

Whatever you do, it becomes cheaper and often more convenient and innovative than renting your own personal office.

53 coworking spaces in top cities

Last summer, we compiled a list of the top 10 cities for young entrepreneurs and decided to now list all the coworking centers in these cities. We have also added several cities to the list suggested in the previous article.

New York

  • Charged team– Located atop the historic Prince Building in Soho, Fueled Collective boasts exciting features such as free snacks, drinks, a kitchen, a ping-pong table, unlimited conference room access, and a great view of the Foursquare office from an indoor balcony.
  • The Metropolitan Exchange is a co-working space for architects, urban planners and designers.
  • Green Spaces NY is a sustainable small business community workspace. Green business incubator. (Downtown Brooklyn at MEx)
  • Jelly is a co-working space in various New York City locations including Bryant Park, Williamsburg and Tribeca. The jellies usually take place every second Friday, and they usually take place in someone’s living room. Jelly is always completely free! (Manhattan and Brooklyn)
  • 3rd place – for creative design professionals in Brooklyn.
  • SparkSpace – “coworking for startups”
  • New Work City is a co-working space in Manhattan. Full, part-time and distance memberships, as well as workshops and events.
  • The Hive at 55 is a shared workspace for 30+ people, three private workrooms, and flexible space for conferences and seminars. Sponsored by Alliance for Downtown New York.
  • WeWorkNYC – Located in Midtown Manhattan with a variety of options for every business need.


  • Computer offices – Cambridge co-working space with 25 ready-to-work cabins and a full range of amenities
  • Cambridge Coworking Center – Based in Cambridge
  • Betahouse – Coworking space for entrepreneurs, technologists and creatives in the Central Square of Cambridge.
  • Design App – The Design App provides resources for small firms and individual design practitioners in Somerville and surrounding communities to grow their business.


  • COOP – “Where ideas are born” Shared workspace on Fulton Market with options available for the day, week or month.
  • Ravenswood Coworking Group – Located in Montrose and Ravenswood.
  • OfficePort – several offices in the USA.
  • TechNexus – Variety of options in downtown Chicago. They are the leading vehicle for technology collaboration.


  • Texas Coworking
  • Conjunctured is Austin’s first co-working space. First day free
  • Soma Vida is one place where you can live well, work well and relax
  • Cospace – Whether you are planning a meeting or looking for an office, Cospace can accommodate


  • Indie Ballard – Co-working space for startups and independent entrepreneurs, developers and creatives – in the center of Ballard.
  • office nomads – Located on Capitol Hill. Designed to create a creative and dynamic workspace for nomadic workers.
  • North Star offices – Available weekends and evenings with virtual and private offices, as well as a conference room.
  • space for reflection – One of the most famous centers in the area. Located in the center of Redmond.
  • Suite133 is located in Tacoma.
  • StartPad – Software development offices with coworking options for everyone
  • Coworking Seattle. A community of volunteers came together to discuss coworking opportunities in Seattle.
  • The Maple Leaf Branch – located in North Seattle at affordable prices for entrepreneurs.


  • Nedspace – Two locations in downtown and downtown Portland.
  • Activespace “Our mission is to provide a safe, functional, private space in which to express your creativity. With four offices in Portland.
  • Souk – Emphasis on empowerment, connectivity and support, and the future of work.


  • CreativeFarm.net – A collaborative environment for creatives and small businesses.

San Francisco:

  • CitizenSpace is the best of the coffee shop and the best of the workplace, all rolled into one. Located on Second St.
  • Parisoma – located in the Soma region. Hosts events and offers co-working space.
  • ReactorSF is a creative workspace for individuals. Separation between a large common room and private offices for everyone.
  • Hub workplace by day, event center by night. Hub has offices around the world, providing a place for change makers.
  • Mission 2431 – 9 desks and 4 offices. Contact Dan Schmeltzer for information.


  • Skhodnyak – Free coworking space with events. Focused on cooperation and development in the Phoenix area.
  • Optin Learning Center – $49 per month for your own workspace and access to the community area.

San Diego:

  • Hive – The original San Diego coworking office with two locations.
  • Digital Telepathy is a web design firm that has opened its doors to coworking. Free admission on occasion and fee for seat reservation.


  • Stongbox West – Relaxed environment with flexible plans.
  • 151 Locust is not only a place to work, but also a place to take your business to the next level. Day passes start at just $7.
  • Ignition Alley – Brings together Atlanta’s growing community of entrepreneurs and freelancers.


  • CoLab – building a community for independents in Orlando. Monthly rates.

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