5 things startups can learn from Bang’s CEO

ceo of bang

Energy drinks are a great way to recharge your batteries to get through long work days. Which do you prefer? Monster? What about the popular Bang brand? Bang is an energy drink company founded by current Bang CEO Jack Owok in Florida.

In addition to energy drinks, Bang also has accessories, shoes, pre-workout drinks, post-workout drinks, and many other items that customers can purchase. By 2020, Bang has become the third most popular energy drink in the US.

Clearly, Jack Ovok did something right with his business idea. Let’s see what the Bang CEO can learn from startups.

He had an idea

Owok started out as a high school science teacher. He had a loaded plate of teaching six science classes along with other subjects such as English. Ovok also played sports and ate healthy, which he started when he was a teacher in high school.

That was until his friend nearly died due to the negligence of a supplement company. Because of this, Owoc exposed the supplement companies and one of them even went out of business. After that, he started creating his own supplements that had a real impact on people.

Because of what happened to his friend, and because supplement companies lied about the protein content of their products, Ovok had an idea. He will make his own supplements to help people. He identified the problem and found a solution.

Jack trusts science

Then in 1993 Jack Owok founded his company Vital Pharmaceuticals. He used science and ran his energy drink company like a pharmaceutical company. This is because he trusts science. A lot of misinformation and disinformation is presented as fact these days. It is important for startups that they trust and support science. Otherwise, they will only attract greedy anti-science people, which may not be good for business.

Knowledge of the environment is very important. Otherwise, you may submit information that may be dangerous. For Ovok, this is especially important given that they are injecting his product into their bodies.

High standards at Bang

As stated above, Jack Ovok wanted to treat Bang like a pharmaceutical company because of how much they were scientific. According to him, he said he was “tired of the lies and deceit that unscrupulous supplement companies have used to purposefully deceive consumers.”

Owok knows how important transparency and integrity are in his business. For startups, never lie to customers. If it gets out, you won’t have any more business. Have high standards for your startup. Maintaining your business at this level will be expected for years to come.

Work hard for success

When Jack Ovok started his company back in the 90s, he worked very hard to make his dream come true. In fact, he even slept on an air mattress to make that dream come true.

You have heard of other entrepreneurs in the past, such as Elon Musk. These people do their best to make their dreams come true. Startups should do the same. Lots of sacrifice and hard work to achieve goals and deadlines.

Get Jack’s energy

At Bang retreats, Jack Ovok is known for his loud and excitable presence. It’s because he cares about Bang and knows what it can do for people.

For your startup, consider the same. Sure, you may be excited on the inside, but showing off your drive and passion can go a long way. Mix that with a charismatic public figure and you have a walking, talking marketing machine.


Jack Ovok might be the one to look out for as Bang’s CEO. He was a man who had an idea, a need to help people, and a desire to bring it to life. Because of this, he worked very hard, to the point of having to sleep on an air mattress to ensure the success of his company.

He then set about creating the popular energy drink that millions of people in the United States love. Thanks to its success, Owoc has been able to expand its business into other products, all backed by the science it trusts.

For startups, it can definitely be a source of inspiration. All startups must have the passion to take action and find a way to bring about good change. For any entrepreneur, start looking for problems, you might just find a solution and a ticket to success.


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